Bathroom suites

Buying a bathroom as a suite is an easy way to transform your room. A bathroom suite consisting of bath, hand basin and toilet is a quick and convenient way to select the style you want for your new bathroom. We offer both contemporary suites with clean, modern lines, and traditional suites with classic elegance. If you’re creating a new ensuite, take a look at our shower packages also, which include a basin, toilet and shower enclosure plus other matching accessories to complete the look. We also have suites for cloakrooms, compact bathrooms, plus complimentary furniture, making great design and style affordable for every type of bathroom.

How to pick a new bathroom suite

Think about the essential elements and features of your room first. If you have a large bathroom, a bath, basin and WC suite can be teamed with a separate freestanding shower enclosure to create a complete bathroom with all you need. However, if your room is more compact, a suite consisting of a two-in-one shower bath plus toilet and basin will make the most of the space available. Depending on the style of bathroom you are contemplating, you may also need to make space for bathroom furniture and other accessories. Consider a suite with a freestanding bath or a bath that sit’s against the wall for a high end, luxurious look, or even go all the way and add in an ultra-contemporary wet room shower to complement your bathroom. Last of all do not forget to consider and decide upon the style of your suite, too. Do you want a modern look or a very contemporary style, or classic lines?

Create a new bathroom- six easy steps to planning and selecting your new bathroom suite

You will need: tape measure, Sayduck app, squared paper, pencil.

Step 1 - Measuring

Measure up your room, and create a scale plan on paper. Include doors and windows on your plan, and allow space for them to open as needed.

Step 2 - Planning

Mark the position of each element of your suite on the plan. Don’t forget that you need to leave space around the pieces, too. Ideally, you’ll have at least 60cm in front of the bath; 45cm from the centre of the basin to each side, and 60cm in front of it; and the same for the toilet. Also think about the positioning of any storage furniture and shelving. Mark these on your plan, too.

Step 3 - Sayduck App

Download the Sayduck app. Print out the tracking marker and place it in the position you’ve planned for each of the elements of your room scheme. For each element, point your iPad or iPhone at the marker, choose the product from the category menu, and see what it’ll look like in your room. Swap products as necessary until you’re happy with the style of your room. Remember that anything involving fitting and installing in the bathroom requires careful planning and consideration, and you may want to consult with a qualified plumber or installer.

Step 4 - Installation Considerations

Consider the plumbing. If you’re fitting a new suite in the same position as the old pieces, it’s likely that any plumbing or major pipework won’t need to be altered. However, if you are changing the layout of the room, you’ll need to have any new pipework installed in advance, if you are unsure consult with a qualified plumber or installer. Do not forget to consider any lighting and electrical points required in your bathroom, for example for a shaver or electric toothbrush.

Step 5 - Design Inspiration

Once your desired suite is selected choose your colour palette to complement the style of your suite. Why not explore our inspiration blog for some ideas or explore sites such as Pinterest to help compile style boards to help you firm up your ideas. When you have settled on your colour or design scheme to compliment your suite, you can then choose wall and floor tiles.

Step 6 - Order Your Bathroom

You should now be all set to go ahead and order your chosen suite, plus tiles, furniture and accessories.

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