Choccy Facts

Choccy Facts

Brits love sugar

Well, the first thing to establish is that we Brits love our sweets. The UK is the third highest consumer of chocolate in the world, eating 9.5kg per person every year . That is nearly twice the amount Americans consume (5.5kg per person). Our chocolate cravings mean UK sales account for nearly a third of the European market, and we spend more on sweets, cakes and biscuits than any other European country. In total, the average UK adult consumes more than 30kg of sugar each year!

Breaking this down by country, Northern Ireland is the biggest consumer of confectionery, according to a 2012 government survey. They buy an average of 173g of confectionery per person per week. In comparison, the Scottish population buys 158g of sweet treats per person each week, and Wales buys 148g. England buys the least amount, purchasing on average just 136g of confectionery per person weekly.

Just what are we spending that money on? Well, these are the top 10 chocolate bars, according to market analyst Information Resources:

  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk – earning £483.1m in sales annually
  2. Galaxy - £223.8m
  3. Kit Kat - £124.9m
  4. Maltesers - £113.9m
  5. Mars Bar - £108.8m
  6. Snickers - £101m
  7. Cadbury Twirl - £72.2m
  8. Aero - £72.2m
  9. Cadbury Wispa - £68.5m
  10. M&M's - £66.9m


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