Our Sweet Story

Our Sweet Story

Dear interested customer,

You might wonder how we made the leap from baths to chocolate. Sure, we've all heard of chocolate fountains, but chocolate basins? That is just ridiculous.

Well, of course it is. But when you work with bathrooms, you have to have a sense of humour about it all. And one thing that really got us giggling at Bathrooms.com, was when we realised that over a million British people searching for new bathrooms were popping ‘bathroom sweets’, rather than ‘bathroom suites’ into their preferred search engines.

That simple mistake caught our imagination, what if we created a bathrooms suite, out of something sweet? After searching for a chocolatier, we found the perfect team, who we knew would have no trouble creating a complete, life-sized bathroom suite, out of 100% chocolate.

Despite the 50kg of Belgian chocolate and the two to three month delivery timeline required, we were excited about the chance to sell and then build a bathroom suite entirely out of chocolate.

Of course, if you are considering purchasing the chocolate bathroom suite, please don't attempt to eat it all by yourself. The entire suite will contain 9.4 million calories – more than a decade's worth!

If you are interested in it, you'll get more than just kilos of chocolate. The suite will be made with loads of passion and good humour. Your chocolate suite will have the expert touch of master chocolatiers, and it will have the striking design of our existing Maderno range. We're very excited to be pushing the limit in the bathrooms industry and look forward to making history as and when an order is made.

And a final word of advice: please don't attempt to use the suite. It will melt if it comes in contact with direct sunlight, radiator heat or hot liquids – so it's not ideal for running that relaxing bath!

We look forward to constructing this incredible, edible lavatory. Please get in touch as soon as possible, and we'll start melting, shaping and crafting your sweet suite straight away.

Sweet regards,

Ian Monk
CEO at Bathrooms.com (and chocoholic)

Ian Monk Bathroom Sweet - Bath, Toilet and Bidet Bathroom Sweet - Bath, Toilet and Bidet

About Bathroomsweets.com

At Bathrooms.com we know – well – bathrooms. We understand design, functionality, what a shower tray actually does, all of that sort of stuff. Our area of expertise has not historically been confectionary! Nevertheless, of the millions of Google searches for sweet related terms each month, a number of these come to our web site. Why? Because people are regularly searching for "bathroom sweets".

Were people looking to find loo-specific treats, or was this just a simple case of bad spelling?

The answer is pretty obvious. Clearly people wanted bathroom suites, and they just got it a bit wrong. But that got us thinking: just how do bad spelling, a love of confectionery and bathrooms come together like that?

This site holds the answer.

If a spelling mistake got you here and you were really after Bathroom Suites, click here!

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