Chocolate Toilet

Chocolate Toilet
Maderno Sweet Chocolate Toilet
5 Stars!

The Bathroom Sweets Maderno Toilet is not for the practical person. The chocolate loo is just for the discerning, design-obsessed individual.

£14,000 980,000 calories Enquire

  • Ultra Modern

    The delicious curves and tasty styling of the Maderno toilet will give your bathroom a twirl of modern glamour.

  • Complete Sweet

    It doesn't get sweeter than the Maderno toilet. Made from pure Belgian chocolate, it is a luxury of both form and feasting.

  • Natural Curves

    The Maderno toilet is naturally moulded with soft curves to give your bathroom a silky smooth look and feel.

  • Full Set

    While the Maderno toilet looks scrumptious on its own, it really blooms as part of the complete Maderno Sweet.

Product specification
Height: 830mm
Width: 375mm
Depth: 730mm
Weight: Until your friends see it
Material: 100% Belgian chocolate
Finish: As soon as you can
Calorie count: 980,000
Waste: Not want not
Guarantee: Will taste better than it works
Former name: Cacahuatl


At we know – well – bathrooms. We understand design, functionality, what a shower tray actually does, all of that sort of stuff. Our area of expertise has not historically been confectionary! Nevertheless, of the millions of Google searches for sweet related terms each month, a number of these come to our web site. Why? Because people are regularly searching for "bathroom sweets".

Were people looking to find loo-specific treats, or was this just a simple case of bad spelling?

The answer is pretty obvious. Clearly people wanted bathroom suites, and they just got it a bit wrong. But that got us thinking: just how do bad spelling, a love of confectionery and bathrooms come together like that?

This site holds the answer.

If a spelling mistake got you here and you were really after Bathroom Suites, click here!

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