Corner Baths

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Corner Baths

If you are looking to save space or have an awkwardly shaped room then a corner bath is a great option. We have corner baths available in both left and right-handed designs.

Corner baths provide the opportunity to have both a shower and a bath without having to compromise on space. The baths are curved at one end in order to maximise space - giving you more freedom to move around in your bathroom.

Good things come in small packages. While corner baths are ideal for smaller spaces that doesn’t mean that you are compromising on design. These designs are still luxurious and provide a contemporary feel.

The installation of a corner bath means that you can have more choice when it comes to choosing other items for the bathroom. Whereas a traditional bath tub will limit what else you can include, a corner bath opens up the space in the bathroom for you to choose additional fixtures and fittings. This type of bath design is not only great value in terms of price but it is also functional.

As the bathrooms are both left and right-handed it is important that you order the correct bathroom based on the corner you intend to have the bath.

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