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Freestanding baths

A freestanding bath is the perfect centrepiece of a brand new bathroom so whether you are creating a contemporary space or a more traditional bathroom, we have a floor standing bath in a style to suit. Our range of sleek, curvaceous baths are ideal for giving a modern bathroom a touch of hotel chic, while our collection of roll tops includes contemporary-looking baths on angular wooden or metal feet and more traditional Edwardian and Victorian-style baths on claw feet. What’s more, many of our free standing baths can be painted to colour-match your new or existing décor.

How to choose a new luxury bathtub

Consider the position in the room. A freestanding bath is designed to be the centrepiece of a bathroom with the room’s other fittings working with it. Don’t forget that the bath will sit away from the wall and that you need to make room for any floor standing taps beside it. Think about the bath’s style – do you want the room to feel contemporary or traditional? Once you’ve found one that will suit the room scheme you have in mind, you can browse for basins and toilets to complement your choice.

Plan in a new freestanding bath

You will need: tape measure, app, squared paper, pencil

  • Decide on the position of the bath. Do you want to place it centrally on the focal wall, which is usually the wall opposite the door? Or, is there a dominant architectural feature in the room, such as a window, that it could sit beneath?

  • Consider the bath’s size and what will suit your bathroom’s proportions. Our baths vary in width and length, as well as height. A slightly smaller option could allow you to fit in a shower enclosure, but if there’s plenty of room all around it, you might want to opt for a larger model. Bear in mind that a tall bath will best suit a room with a high ceiling, while shorter baths are space-enhancing in smaller bathrooms.

  • Think about the bath’s design. Baths that sit on legs to reveal the floor beneath will help your room feel bigger, while curved baths will achieve the same visual effect, and save real space, too. If your bathroom is to be contemporary and you have the room, a square bath will make a strong style statement.

  • Take shape into account. If you prefer to sit upright, a bath with steep ends will suit you most, but if you prefer to lounge, a slipper bath could be the perfect choice.

  • See how your favourite bath will appear in your room using the app.

  • Complete the room’s decorative scheme. A wall of floor-to-ceiling tiles behind the bath looks stylish, and water will inevitably be splashed behind a free standing tub, so floor tiles are a practical floorcovering.
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