Shower Baths (20)

  • L Shaped Shower Bath, Screen<br>& Panel (1700 or 1800mm)
  • P Shaped Shower Bath & Screen<br>Panel 1700mm
    P Shaped Shower Bath & Screen
    Panel 1700mm

    A sophisticated showerbath with curved screen, specifically designed to maximise shower space

  • Corner Cut Straight Bath<br>700/1000mm Screen & Panel
  • Curved Ended Straight Bath<br> With 700/1000mm Bath Screen
    Curved Ended Straight Bath
    With 700/1000mm Bath Screen

    A classic showerbath complete with high quality bath screen, designed for elegant practicality

  • Square Ended Straight Bath<br>With 700/1000mm Bath Screen
    Square Ended Straight Bath
    With 700/1000mm Bath Screen

    A contemporary showerbath which offers style and practical use of space, supplied with screen

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P shaped bath, L shaped bath and other shower baths with screens and panel

We have the smallest homes in Europe, so planning a new bathroom within a small space has never been so important. Most of us are unwilling to give up the luxury and relaxation that any bath gives, but we still want the convenience and practicality of daily showering. Bathrooms.com's shower baths are expertly designed to give you a much more spacious area for showering than a traditional bath, whilst maintaining a minimum additional footprint.

Square L shaped shower baths and curved P shaped shower baths look like traditional baths but have several features that make them perfectly fit for their use. These include steep walls, flat bottoms, extra reinforced shower areas and screens designed specifically for use with the bath.

The L shaped bath with shower screen is available in 1700mm and 1800mm shower bath sizes. The P shaped bath with shower screen is available in 1700mm and we also offer other straight and square shower baths in 1600mm, meaning you should be able to select a bathtub to meet your bathroom suite needs. You can find more in these areas if you are interested in a complete L shower bath suite or a P shower bath suite.

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