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Bathroom surfaces: The dos and don’ts of cleaning

Dreaming of a shiny bathroom but reality a little more dingy? Here’s how to put the sparkle back in


Shower curtain covered in mould spots?

Do put it through a wool cycle in the washing machine, adding a handful of washing soda crystals (try the supermarket) to your washing powder. Drip dry it instead of spinning it. Or, if it can’t be machine washed, try soaking it in the bath in a solution of one part bleach to four parts water before rinsing thoroughly. Machine-washing it with a biological powder once a month will stop new mould forming, too.

Don’t pull the curtain back after a shower. Instead, leave it drawn and open a window to allow it to dry completely. Continue reading

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Decorate your guest bathroom

Discover how to create a bathroom decorating scheme that will feel welcoming when guests stay over

Lucky enough to have a bathroom alongside your guest bedroom? Find you use your own en suite, leaving the main bathroom to your overnight visitors so they can get ready for the day without wondering if they’ve jumped the queue? If your answer is yes, then now’s your chance to decorate your guest bathroom beautifully. Here’s how.

Choose a look

A bathroom that’s mostly used by guests rather than permanent residents isn’t going to be subject to the same everyday wear and tear, so you won’t need to redecorate as frequently. The upside is less work and expense, but on the other hand, it means it’s worth going for a scheme with classic credentials so it won’t go out of date before you get the paintbrush out again.


We like the traditional green-painted tongue and groove walls in this scheme from, which will look good for many years to come.

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