How to install a toilet roll holder

If you don’t want to be chasing loo roll across the floor, a toilet roll holder is a bathroom essential.
Fitting it isn’t tricky either, so even if you’re a DIY novice a few tools, a little time and these instructions are all you need.
                                                              Victorian Toilet and toilet roll holder, 

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10 bathroom jobs you shouldn’t do yourself

Thinking of installing a new bathroom? There are lots of jobs you can tackle yourself – from tiling to hanging mirrors – but there are just as many DIY jobs you shouldn’t even think about…


1 Major plumbing

You might well have replaced a tap in your last bathroom or swapped an old shower head for a new one, but installing a toilet, altering pipework or fitting a new shower isn’t something you can pick up from a Youtube video. Check your household insurance, too – you might find that any water damage you’ve caused yourself might mean you won’t even get a payout to put the mess right.

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