Buyer's guides:

A loo for you, a bathroom for buyers

Finding striking the balance between your taste and the neutral bathroom your prospective buyers will want a little tricky? Follow our guide to making your bathroom sale-friendly


Start with the basics

We’re thinking walls, floors and furniture – get those right and you can stamp your own personality on with the accents. Continue reading

Bathroom Habits:

Weird bathroom habits from around the world

The bathroom – and (yes, we’re going there) particularly the toilet – is a place guaranteed to make apparent the differences between nations. Check out some of the curious distinctions between us all.


You probably don’t give a moment’s thought to the practice of flushing paper down the loo, but this isn’t what happens world wide – even in the places you might expect to have the plumbing for it, such as Greece. If you’re about to set off on your travels and want to check before you go, take a look at Where do I put the paper? A handy guide to the world’s toilets, a fabulously useful guide by Matt Kitson. Continue reading

Top tips:

10 little things that make a big difference to your loo

Is your loo letting the side down? Here, we make you privy (sorry) to our top toilet transformation tips.


1 Don’t let it dominate

Maybe your bathroom is tiny or perhaps your cloakroom is on the, ahem, wee side? If you’re in the market for a new loo, don’t think bog standard, think space-saver: corner toilets  will give you more floor, while wall-hung toilets  won’t save space but will make the room look bigger.
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