In The Bath With Liz Richardson

Liz Richardson

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into blogging?

I’m Liz Richardson, I’ve been a blogger for over three years. Loved by Lizzi was born through a desire to write and be creative but also because I wanted to share the things that I see, do and shop with other women, in the hope that some of these topics will help other ladies. Blogging is a big part of my life, I have to squeeze it in around a full-time job and a busy life, but I love it!

Can you explain the inspiration behind your guest interviewees and who you like to feature?

My blog Loved by Lizzi has always primarily been written for women; and a great way to share information is to invite other ladies to take part. I love featuring guest bloggers as I feel that we all have interesting stories and advice to pass on. I know my readers love the content and trust that I select guests with the same principles and mind-set of Loved by Lizzi. My readers especially love the advice on how to get work/life balance and enjoy great tips on styling, beauty or shopping; so my feature In Life, In Business and In Style has always been popular.

Who are your fashion heroes/heroines?

There are a few, but the two I would love to mention are Victoria Beckham and Elle MacPherson.
Victoria Beckham is an inspiration to most women, demonstrating that a strong working ethos enables women to be independent and make an impact on their own future. Her brand may not be to everyone’s taste but she is now taken very seriously in the fashion world, it was great to see her win the award for best Brand this year at the British Fashion Awards.
With nutrition featuring regularly on my blog I like to keep up to date with what’s going on with Elle MacPherson. Another business mogul that has been in the fashion world a good few decades looks fabulous at the age of 50! I love her philosophy on looking after your own health first before anything else, which is an important rule for a happy life!

Technology has made accessing online Fashion inspiration easier for everyone now, is there an app or gadget that you couldn’t live without?

I‘m in love with Apple products; I couldn’t be without my MacBook, iPhone or iPad – some of the best ways to get a feel for what’s trending is to scan through the look- books on various fashion sites and I use my iPad to do this. I love Instagram, I would say it’s my favourite social media channel; photos are a great way to give your readers an insight to more than just your blogposts – it’s an app I could not live without!

What do you see being the key trends this year?

Denim is here for another Spring/Summer! For 2015 it’s about layering, double-denim and mixing up all the lovely blues. The shirtdress will be popular and you’ll be able to dress this one up or down. Don’t forget the short denim jacket, a key piece to wear over your summer dresses.

All white is another big trend; this can be a difficult trend to carry off. Layering and textures can help but I would recommend keeping it simple. And finally Gingham – look for this in other materials like chiffon rather than sticking to the traditional cotton, I’ve seen some fabulous skirts on the runway.

What are the key things that influence your creativity?

I’m interested in a number of subjects like fashion, interior design, food & nutrition, art, biographies plus travel – all of this helps with feeding my mind with ideas. I visit the V&A gallery in London often as they frequently have fashion or design exhibitions going on.

I find you can take inspiration from lots of different sources; the key is to keep your eyes and mind open wherever you are. I take lots of photos and write electronic notes of any ideas or items I like – I then go through these before I start to blog as this helps creativity to flow.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out blogging?

My first advice would be to read other blogs; this will help with getting ideas of what exactly you want to do with your own. Next would be passion; blogging is a huge commitment and you need to blog regularly to keep your readers interested in your site. You see a lot of blogs ending approx. 12-18 months in, which I think is a shame, so you need to be passionate about blogging to keep it going!

Other top tips include; don’t restrict your content to one subject – variety is the spice of life. Be consistent with your brand and writing style so that your readers become familiar with your content. And don’t get hung up on the statistics, just write about what you want so that you enjoy the process, as you’ll be dedicating quite a few hours per month!

A blog I personally like to read is Liberty London Girl, which is written by Sasha Wilkins, a journalist living between London and New York.

If you could only take one possession to a desert island, what would you take?

I’m assuming this desert island has WIFI, so that I could take my iPad – No? Then it has to be my handbag, full of all my things of course! My handbag goes everywhere with me even in my house. And when I travel, I never put my bag on the floor or stow it away, you’ll always find it sitting on my lap, keeping all my goodies close at hand.

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In the Bath With Charlotte Gunnell

Charlotte Gunnell


Tell us a bit about yourself and your career.

I’m an SEO/Audience Development Manager and blogger based in London. I started out with a degree in journalism, then moved into online copywriting via an IT company, charities, bingo sites and a police force…


What inspired you to start blogging?

Independence! I wanted a project that I was solely responsible for. When my blog gets a boost in traffic, or someone says goes well, I know it’s all down to my hard work and that’s about as satisfying as you can get.


What elements of your day-to-day life inspire your posts around SEO?

Questions. If I want to know how to do something, or someone asks me, then chances are that a blog would be of use to my readers.


You’re clearly a fan of the latest consumer technology trends, are there any apps you can’t live without?

My Life Organised – I’m a big fan of to-do lists and there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off a task and watching it disappear! Plus BlogLovin’/Pinterest to find new blogs and ideas. I’ve also just started Evernote as I’m buying a house and need a place for all my notes and photos…


We like talking about SEO at Do you attend many SEO conferences/events and blog about these?

Yes! I’m on and go to at least one event per month. My favourites are the London Bloggers Meetup, Brighton SEO and Search London. But it doesn’t matter which type of marketing event you go to: the lines between all the marketing disciplines are blurring. I always learn at least one thing at every event I go to.


You’ve inspired us with your SEO tips, do you offer advice on surrounding any other areas on your blog?

Yeah, I’ll write about anything! I’m starting to write more about analytics and the more technical aspects of running a blog. I feel like there’s a shortage of blogs that are written for bloggers who have got past the basics and want to read something more in-depth.


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out blogging?

Write about your passion. Get really niche and nerdy. It doesn’t matter what it is – there will be people out there who want to read it, if you put the work in and do something different. Just be yourself. And don’t do it for the money!


Do you have an inspiration/hero?

I’ve followed Kate Toon’s blog for years. She was definitely one of my inspirations when I started, and I’m still learning from her now. She’s got her own style and is completely unapologetic for saying what she thinks. She also knows her stuff on SEO and I trust her advice.

I also love Darren Rowse for blogging advice and Rand Fishkin for content marketing tips.


If you could only take one possession to a desert island, what would you take?

My laptop, so at least I could blog about the experience!


Charlotte Gunnell is SEO Manager at Check out her blog, Cavatica Copy at

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