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10 best mirrors for make up

Need to make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter so you can see the room (and yourself) when you’re getting ready for a night out? Mirrors will do the trick – here’s how to hang our top 10


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Give your bathroom a Moroccan look

Let your bathroom transport you by introducing the colours, finishes and patterns of Morocco.


If you want to give your bathroom scheme an exotic twist that’s oh-so stylish to boot, think Morocco. Introducing the key elements of this highly decorative and sophisticated look will transform your room, making it the perfect place to relax and spend time. It’s an easy style to create, too. Continue reading

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10 best bathtime reads

Love to unwind with a good book while you soak? We’ve read all of these in the bath (honest) to bring you a tried and tested list 


Harvest by Jim Crace
Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2013 and feted as having prose to match that of Hillary Mantel’s works, this novel focuses on Walter Thirsk, whose village comes under threat when three outsiders set up camp on its borders on the same night that the local manor house is set on fire. Walter is a witness as the strangers are punished and his neighbours are held on suspicion of witchcraft. But this is just the beginning of the story…
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10 radiator maintenance tips

There’s nothing worse than a cold bathroom, so keep your radiator working – and looking good – with our expert advice


1 Bleed the radiator

To keep your system happy, once a year, before the cold weather sets in, go round the house and bleed all the radiators. You can do this quickly and easily by using a radiator key (find yours at DIY stores). First, find the bleed valve (at the top of each radiator). Then, hold a bowl and cloth beneath it, insert the key and turn it slowly. You will hear the hiss of trapped air escape. Once water starts to come instead of air, tighten the valve back up.

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10 ways to fragrance your bathroom

Want a bathroom that smells as good as it looks? Discover the best ways to fragrance your room.
Janssen Signature Bathroom Suite,

1. Open the window

Yes, we know you have an efficient extractor fan, but if your bathroom has a window, open it. Nothing, but nothing, beats fresh air for fragrancing your bathroom. If the outside temperature doesn’t rule it out, crank it open a little when you’re showering, and wider when you’ve finished. An open window will help prevent condensation, too.

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