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Bathroom decorating 101

Starting from scratch? Use our guide to get the basics of your bathroom decor right.

When your bathroom’s in need of a whole new look, and you’re ready to DIY, here’s what you should know. 

 btw corner bath

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5 bathroom trends inspired by best all time films

Famous for sexy, funny, violent and just plain creepy scenes, movie bathrooms have inspired some weird and wonderful trends.

 1 Psycho:

The banishing of the shower curtain


Say ‘famous bathroom movie scene’ and you immediately think ‘Psycho shower’ where Marion Crane, played by Janet Leigh, met her gruesome end. Just think how differently it could all have turned out if the bathroom at the Bates Motel had had a shower enclosure and not a shower curtain (not to mention a lock on the door). She might have seen her killer coming and just had an invigorating wash then a nice cup of tea instead… Continue reading

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Smarten up with a monochrome bathroom scheme

Want a look that’s super sophisticated and bang on trend? A scheme in black and white is perfect for your bathroom and oh-so fashionable.


Freestanding bath, 

Unless you’re lingering in the past with a pink, yellow or avocado bathroom suite to replace first, you’re already off to a flying start on a black and white bathroom. Teaming your white bath, basin and loo with a dash – or more – of black will make it look even more crisp by contrast, and it’s a look that works whether your suite is ultra contemporary or more classic in style. Continue reading

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10 bathroom trends inspired by TV shows

 Think your favourite nighttime viewing doesn’t influence the look you love for your bathroom? Check out these trend-leading shows.

 1 Country style

Kirstie’s Best of Both Worlds attempts to reconcile the city versus country location desires of a pair of house hunters. Time (mis)spent goggling at gorgeous rural pads has left many with a taste for rustic style even if the view is more concrete than cows, and the bathroom is the perfect place to get the look.


Edwardian freestanding bath,

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