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10 stylish ways to store bathroom essentials

Looking to stash away all your bathroom must-haves? Our top 10 will keep your bathroom neat and chic 


1 Cabinet cache

Got family-sized storage issues? A bathroom cabinet will keep everything from cleaning products to mouthwash out of sight, so your bathroom looks more spa than Spar. Our fave? The sleek Searles cabinet. Continue reading

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Which close coupled toilet to buy?

Buying a toilet? Close coupled toilets give a neat finish to a bathroom, but what do you need to know before you shop? Find out here:


What is a close-coupled toilet?

There are lots of different toilet types to choose from, including back-to-wall toilets, wall-hung toilets, toilets with separate cisterns, cloakroom and disabled toilets. A close-coupled toilet has a separate cistern that sits on the back of the toilet bowl and flushes directly through the connecting point. It is the most common type and often most cost-effective of toilets, and looks great matched with a pedestal basin, but is the ideal choice for most bathrooms. Continue reading

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Which floorstanding bath taps to buy?

Buying a freestanding bath? Floorstanding bath taps will finish the look, whatever your bathroom’s style.


Why buy floorstanding bath taps? 

There are lots of choices when it comes to buying bath taps. However, if you are buying a freestanding bath, your choice is generally narrowed to wall-mounted taps or floorstanding taps. Whatever the style of your bathroom, whether traditional or contemporary, floorstanding taps will give the room a smart, hotel appeal. Continue reading