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10 bathroom maintenance tricks you don’t already know


Thought you knew how to get your bathroom looking its best? Try our tips and life will be sooo much easier 

Mirrors & glass

Desperate to shift those hard water deposits from your glass doors, shower walls and (if you’ve been slacking off recently) the mirror over the basin? You needn’t hit the supermarket if you’ve got a bottle of white vinegar – just use a half-and-half solution of vinegar and water and you’ll rub away those stubborn deposits in no time.

Then, to keep them gleaming, apply a light layer of car wax to your glass surfaces (yes, really). Polish to a shine and repeat every six months – it will stop the deposits building up again so quickly in the future. You can even stop mirrors steaming up by rubbing a dry bar of soap over the surface every couple of weeks, then polish it up with a clean cloth. Clever, no?


Taps, drains & showerheads

White vinegar should be your first resort when trying to remove hard water deposits from taps, too. Simply soak some kitchen roll with the vinegar and wrap it round the tap (not brass or gold ones though!) Wait a while then scrub with a nylon toothbrush and polish to a shine.

Once a month, pour a little baking soda, then some white vinegar down the drain of your basin, bath or shower. Wait for an hour while your mixture breaks down the build-up, then run the hot water tap to flush it all away.

Showerhead clogged? Unscrew it, soak it in vinegar, scrub it with a nylon toothbrush then flush it clean. Job done.


Toilets, basins, baths & shower trays

Nasty hardwater deposits around the toilet bowl? Once a month, pour some white vinegar into the bowl to stop the build-up. Or, pour in a can of old, flat cola, leave overnight to soak, then flush for a shiny new loo!

Posh porcelain sink a little dull? Bath got an unsightly ring of grime? Shower tray looking grubby? Line them with pieces of kitchen roll, and soak these with bleach. Leave for 30 minutes, bin the kitchen roll then rinse the porcelain thoroughly. Don’t try this on coloured porcelain or plastic, which might fade or discolour. Instead, try baking soda and water.

Looking for a quick fix for cleaning your bath, basin or shower tray? A squirt of dishwasher liquid scrubbed on with a sponge and warm water works like magic.


Keep your bath beautiful.


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Mould build-up on bath seals or tile grout spoiling your vision of a luxury spa? Wipe affected areas down with a few drops of clove oil in water. It’s sold in chemists for toothache, so pop it in the medicine cabinet afterwards.


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