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10 bathroom trends inspired by TV shows

 Think your favourite nighttime viewing doesn’t influence the look you love for your bathroom? Check out these trend-leading shows.

 1 Country style

Kirstie’s Best of Both Worlds attempts to reconcile the city versus country location desires of a pair of house hunters. Time (mis)spent goggling at gorgeous rural pads has left many with a taste for rustic style even if the view is more concrete than cows, and the bathroom is the perfect place to get the look.


Edwardian freestanding bath,


2 Sixties vibe

The supercool Manhattan apartment where Mad Men’s Don Draper made his home with Megan is 1960s sleek and full of the colour and pattern that were on trend in the decade. You might not want the headache-inducing combos the show re-creates, but bold block colour is a hit for today’s bathrooms.


3 Pampering pad

Love the glam of those X Factor transformations? The show’s makeovers have influenced our desires for a bathroom made for pampering. Make sure you pack in plenty of storage for your make-up and hair products and fit good lighting so putting on make-up is error-free.


4 Vintage touch

The homely charms of cake-making and the nostalgic decor of its tent have made The Great British Bake Off a hit. This vintage look works beautifully in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Choose pretty pastel shades, floral motifs and accessories such as this GreenGate Amelie glass bottle from Love from Rosie.


5 Hi tech touches

The time travel of Doctor Who takes us from the tech of the future to ancient history without pause for disbelief. In the real world we’ve also become accustomed to not turning a hair at developments for every room we’d never have dreamt of a few years ago, including in the bathroom where mirrors are also digital radios and we can watch TV in the bath.


6 Roaring Twenties

Downton Abbey has reached the 1920s, and don’t we love the looks. In the bathroom this means elegant lines, sparkling mosaic-framed mirrors, perfume atomisers on display, and perhaps wallpaper with Twenties motifs. Check out the Vittone console basins at  to get the look.



7 Old and new

Sherlock brings Conan Doyle’s characters into the 21st century, a relaxed blending of the old and new that’s a huge trend. In the bathroom, think traditional freestanding bath with a modern floorstanding tap, or adding new counter top basins to an upcycled drawer unit.


8 Scandi style

The rash of Nordic noir has had us paying as much attention to the interiors as the body count. There’s plenty those stylish Scandinavians can teach us and the clean lines, pale walls and floors, and light wood finishes are perfect to make your bathroom look bright and spacious.


9 Strictly glamour

Repeated viewing of razzle-dazzle fest Strictly can result in an overwhelming longing for a bathroom full of glamorous touches. Been after a chandelier (for appearances only unless it’s a bathroom-specific design)? Want tiles with eye-catching gloss? Shopping for artwork with ornate frames? You’re showing all the symptoms, but don’t worry, it’ll look great.


10 Efficient design

24 is returning, and Jack Bauer’s tight schedule (if not its terrorist-hunting focus) is something you might recognise. When it comes to the bathroom, this spotlight on the pressure of time has us thinking separate shower – or at least shower bath – and his and hers basins for a quick morning getaway.


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