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10 best mirrors for make up

Need to make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter so you can see the room (and yourself) when you’re getting ready for a night out? Mirrors will do the trick – here’s how to hang our top 10


1 Reflect light in

Got a gloomy room? Let the maximum amount of natural daylight in by placing a large mirror at right angles to a window. A square or rectangular one that mimics the shape of the window is ideal.

Our favourite: The Nash mirror in white


2 Get hotel style

Hanging identical mirrors opposite each other is a classic hotel trick for making a windowless bathroom seem larger and lighter. Trying this at home? Don’t hang one opposite the loo!

Our favourite: The Wagner mirror 


3 Create a focal point

Putting a large feature mirror on the longest wall of your bathroom, opposite the door to the room, will create a feature that draws the eye. On a chimney breast is dreamy, behind a bath is fabulous and over the sink is, well, a must.

Our favourite: The Davis mosaic mirror 


4 Big up a small space

For a really narrow space, keep the frames narrow or non-existent – and if the room is really tiny, buy one with built-in storage shelving, where you can stash everything from make up to toothbrushes.

Our favourite: The Sangallo mirror 


5 Light up

If the room is really dark – or windowless – it makes sense to pick an illuminated mirror. Perfect for adding atmosphere to a small, dark space, it’s helpful if you have to squint to put on eyeliner, too.

Our favourite: The Cubitt illuminated mirror 


6 Make it pretty

It’s not just you that needs to look attractive – picking a pretty mirror can make a big difference to a plain room, so choose one with a frame that’s high on style.

Our favourite: The Labrouste mirror


7 Reflect the room

Want to inspect more than your eyebrows in the mirror? If you have the wall space, why not get yourself a really big mirror – or fit lots of mirror tiles together to create a wall of mirrors? That way, you can check yourself out from top to toe before you go…

Our favourite: Devey mirror tiles


8 Group outing

In a really boxy, featureless bathroom, a group of mirrors on the focal wall – or above the basin – can play with and enhance the room’s proportions. Choose up to five curvaceous, unmatching mirrors and hang them close together for best effect.

Our favourite: The Mercado mirror 


9 Show off your best features

Not yours… we mean your bathroom’s. If you’ve got a beautiful light fitting, a gorgeous painting or a good looking freestanding bath, show off by reflecting them in a large mirror. That way you can enjoy them twice.

Our favourite: Nash mirror in light oak 


10 Clear the room

Need lots of room to hide away your vast collection of lipsticks, hair products and perfumes? Not to mention your other half’s razor… Get yourself an all-singing, all-dancing mirrored, illuminated bathroom cabinet.

Our favourite: The Herrera illuminated bathroom cabinet 


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