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10 easy ways to keep your bathroom looking brand new

Installed the room of your dreams? Here’s how to keep it looking new and fabulous


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1 Keep it aired

Make sure you use the extractor fan while you’re in the shower and, if you can, open the window after a bath or shower. Why? The air will be fresher, and you’ll reduce the condensation that would eventually provide a home for mould to grow – which is bad for your health as well as making your bathroom look grotty.


2 Think ahead

Family bathroom? Clumsy partner? Don’t keep heavy decorative pieces near the bath or the basin if they’re in danger of getting knocked down and causing damage to your lusted-after suite. Hanging shelves elsewhere will mean you still have display space.


3 Polish your brassware

Shiny taps say new bathroom, so do dry them with a soft cloth daily (it’ll take seconds, honest), and make sure you check for gunk at the base of the tap when you’re doing your regular bathroom clean.


4 Change the accessories

Your bathroom fittings will look good for many years to come, but fashion may overtake elements of your scheme such as towels and decorative accessories. Swap these for the latest look and your room will still be bang on trend. We love the colour of these vases from House of Fraser.


5 Care for tiles

Always use a cleaner that’s suitable for the type of tile you picked for your scheme – natural stone needs specialist products to prevent harm to the sealant as well as the stone itself. Likewise, when you’re keeping grout in tip-top shape, use a cleaner that works for the tiles as well as the grout.


6 Be ruthless with clutter

Nothing, but nothing, will distract the eye from your fabulous freestanding bath, spacious walk-in shower and gorgeous basin more than an array of plastic bottles. If you want your room to look brand-new, you need a few upmarket toiletries (think posh hotel bathroom), or try decanting your favourites into good-looking storage containers, such as this soapstone soap dispenser by Sainsbury’s


 7 Sort out mirrors

Your dentist tells you to floss, and we’re all for oral hygiene. But a spattered mirror isn’t lovely, and won’t make your bathroom look all new, will it? The answer is to wipe the mirror after you’ve finished (and before the debris gets stuck on).


8 Clean from top to bottom

Regular cleaning will, of course, keep your bathroom as bright and white as the day installation was completed. To do the best job, start high and move down otherwise you’ll either have to do some of it twice, or lose that all-new sparkle.


9 Get handy

Think like a caretaker for your bathroom. If a screw works loose in your toilet roll holder, for example, get on it. Every element adds up to a showroom-style finish, so don’t neglect the small jobs as they come up.


10 Rinse and dry

For a brand-new look for many years to come, always rinse and dry throughout your beauty of a bathroom – and we mean after cleaning, too, to avoid any residue.


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