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10 easy ways to make a small bathroom feel bigger

Super-size your bijoux bathroom with our space-stretching tips


1 Go bright

Redecorating anyway? Swap dark, room-shrinking shades for light-reflecting colours. White is best but you needn’t go monotone – very pale, natural tones will help enhance your room’s proportions just as much.

2 Hang a mirror

Putting up a nice big mirror is the easiest trick in the book, you don’t need a DIY degree to do it and it won’t cost a fortune. What are you waiting for?

3 Clear the floor

If you’re considering a revamp anyway, choose off-the-floor or wall-hung fittings because the more floor you can see, the bigger your bathroom will feel. We’re talking freestanding baths, wall-hung toilets  and wall-hung basins.

4 And while you’re down there…

… replace the floor you’ve got with one that’s pale and light-reflecting; tiles are best, and the bigger they are, the larger the room will feel.

5 Clash with your clutter

Do you really need all those old face creams? Could those half-used bottles of shower gel be amalgamated? Can you chuck some of those worn, old towels? It’ll never look spacious while it’s crowded with… ahem… essentials, so get the bin liner out and set to work.

6 And if you treasure your clutter…

… don’t stress – just invest in a bathroom cabinet or some wall-hung bathroom furniture  in which to hide it all away.

7 Hang it up

Big, bulky towels swamping your sleek bathroom towel rail doesn’t exactly say ‘minimalist space’, so invest in a few robe hooks for the back of your bathroom door or a spare wall. And, while you’re at it, clear your surfaces completely with all sorts of clever wall-hung accessories – from toothbrush holders to soap dishes.

8 Lighten up
Good bathroom lighting is a must-have – especially if yours is a small, windowless room. However, if your budget is limited, an illuminated cabinet can help stretch your space for a fraction of the price of rewiring the whole room.

9 Use reflective materials

Shiny new floor tiles  working well for you? New wall tiles, such as our mosaic tiles, will have the same effect – only more so because you can use them on more than one wall. Choose in a light colour with a glossy finish for best results.

10 Open up your window

Well, not literally, because that would be chilly… but if your window is hidden behind a bulky blind or even (shudder) a pair of curtains, and if your windowsill is cluttered with bottles and basics (see Tip 5 if so), it’s time to give it a fresh, new look. Frosted glass works where you’re not overlooked and lets in lots of light; bright white shutters will give you a super-trendy, spacious feel, and the dependable roller blind will stretch space without doing the same to your budget.


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