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10 little things that make a big difference to your loo

Is your loo letting the side down? Here, we make you privy (sorry) to our top toilet transformation tips.


1 Don’t let it dominate

Maybe your bathroom is tiny or perhaps your cloakroom is on the, ahem, wee side? If you’re in the market for a new loo, don’t think bog standard, think space-saver: corner toilets  will give you more floor, while wall-hung toilets  won’t save space but will make the room look bigger.


2 Is it in working order?

There’s NOTHING worse than visiting someone’s house, using the loo, then finding it won’t flush properly. So, if your toilet isn’t living up to its job description, get a plumber round to sort it, sharpish.


3 Are you sitting comfortably?

Toilet seat cracked, stained, wobbly or just plain ugly? Swap it for a new one – just ensure it’s the right shape and size before you buy.


4 Reach for the roll

The only other thing worse than a broken loo is the sudden realisation there’s no loo roll within reach. So, if your toilet roll tends to go walkies, why not accessorise your bathroom with a smart loo roll holder ? Ours all cost under £20.


5 Brush up on cleaning products

Next in our list of ‘there’s nothing worse than’ is a lack of loo cleaning products to hand. They needn’t be on show – what are bathroom cabinets for after all – but they should be handy to save red faces later… at the very least, a smart loo brush will do the trick.


6 Heaven scent

While you’re cruising the cleaning products aisle in the supermarket, slip an air freshener into your shopping basket. Our advice? When you’ve got guests round, keep a scented candle burning (safely) all evening long – that way, the room will be ever-fresh for everyone.


7 Open all hours

Every loo should have a window that can be opened so that you can give the room a good airing every now and then. No window? Ensure the ventilation is sorted with a fan.


8 It’s a lock-in

Don’t you just hate going to the loo in someone’s house and finding there’s no lock on the door? We can’t be the only ones who have been burst in on unexpectedly when we’re indisposed… So come on, do the decent thing, and get a lock fitted – put it up high if you’ve got small kids to avoid the inevitable, though.


9 Wipe and go

It’s a small detail, but having a clean, dry towel to dry hands makes a real difference to how people feel about your toilet. Better still, it means they won’t be smearing wet (and probably still dirty in the case of kids) hand marks around the door, down the banisters and across your wallcoverings. Oh yes, we speak from experience.


10 Decorate and design

If you added up all the time you spent on the loo in one day, you’d probably find you spent as much time in there as… okay, let’s not go there – you get the gist. So, it makes sense to decorate the room nicely and hang some interesting pictures. Got kids? Times tables on the back of door don’t hurt. Adults might learn a thing, too.


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