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10 of the best colourful bathroom ideas

Of course you don’t want a pink suite, but it’s fun to introduce a pop of colour into your bathroom. Here’s how:

White bathroom suites are a trend that’s here to stay, but just because you go for this super clean modern shade, you don’t have to give up on colour when it comes to the bathroom. There are plenty of ways to bring it in that are stylish and on trend. Check out our top ideas.

1. Add seating


A chair or a stool is always handy in a bathroom. As well as somewhere to set down your stuff, in a family space it’s helpful to have a perch for little ones. It’s also the perfect way to introduce a block of colour to your room scheme. This is the Series 6 frameless walk in shower enclosure

2. Paint a freestanding bath,-Penfold-basin-taps,-Victorian-freestanding-bath-and-Penfold-bath-filler-taps---Vintage-Eclectic-lifestyle---Portrait

A freestanding bath makes a fabulous focal point, and you can make it even more eye-catching by choosing a paintable design. Our Victorian bath looks great in an organic green, but you could finish it in a striking red, for example. The world – or at least the paint chart – is your oyster.

3. Make your bathroom a gallery

We bet you have artwork all round your home, so why neglect the bathroom? Obviously you won’t be hanging Frida Kahlo originals, but a framed print will bring colour to your bathroom. It doesn’t need to be the artwork itself that’s colourful – pick a vivid frame if you prefer.

4. Hang it all

Or at least hang up your robes, that fetching shower cap, the towel you want when you’ve finished in the shower… on a set of colourful hooks that’ll have more standout than chrome designs.

5. Sort out your storage


Bathroom essentials including toothbrush holders, storage baskets and laundry bags don’t need to be shy and retiring. Opt for colourful versions to make a splash (sorry, we couldn’t resist that one). These are from House of Fraser.

6. Revamp furniture

An armoire-style linen cupboard or a chest of drawers can provide the in-bathroom storage you need for towels and more. Both look great with a splash of colour, and won’t take you long to paint. It’s a great way to revamp pieces that have seen better days, too. Pick bright tiles whether it’s the floor or the wall, tiles are an easy way to add colour to your bathroom. For a big impact, choose a bold shade for the floor, or one wall – behind a freestanding bath works beautifully. Don’t want quite so much colour? Stick to an area you’re happy with: one wall of the shower, a strip behind the basin, or just a small basin splashback. They’ll all look amazing.

8. Go for wallpaper

If you have a young family, then pack them off to university or gainful employment first, but those who don’t splash and have well-ventilated bathrooms can indulge in the luxury of wallpaper in the bathroom to add colour, pattern and a luxurious look.

Say no to white towels

Yes, we know they make your room look like it could be in a luxury hotel, but plain towels with brilliant colour or even stripes or patterns won’t make it look like a budget stopover bathroom, we promise. The biggest advantage? It’s not hard to change your colour theme when you fancy it. These bright beauties are from Best Bed Linen.



10. Bring in panelling

Whether it’s rustic tongue and groove or elegant wall panelling, giving it a coloured finish rather than leaving it a natural wood shade is a great way to protect the walls from splashes and add colour. Plus, you’ve done two jobs in one, which always feels good.

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