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10 unusual bubble bath ingredients

Want to create a bubble bath that doesn’t come out of a bottle? Here’s how

Hey, we hate to be the ones to spoil your day but bubble bath isn’t actually that great for your skin. Yes, the fragrances make it smell good, and the bubbles might help keep your bath clean (and protect your modesty) but they also strip away natural oils in your skin. So, we’ve come up with 10 unusual, (mostly) natural – and to our mind weird but wonderful – bubble bath ingredients to keep your skin healthy AND to create the relaxing soak you’re craving. There are a couple of nutty ones in there, too.

1 Tea

Tea is packed with anti-oxidants that can nourish you inside and out, so why not take the plunge and drop a few tea bags into your hot bath water tonight? Four or five tea bags (better than leaves, imagine the size of the strainer!) should do it – allow to steep for five minutes before you get in. Which tea to choose? Whatever is your preference – green tea is great, as is mint or chamomile for a relaxing soak – but even a Tetley will do!

2 Salt

Remember Epsom Salts? We’ve just rediscovered them – and they’re fab for drawing out toxins and healing broken skin. There’s no reason not to use common kitchen salt, though – just don’t wash your hair in it!


Store your bath salts in style. Vintage jar, Monty’s Vintage Shop

3 Olive oil

Why spend a fortune on expensive bath oils when the kitchen cupboard has the very best nature can offer? Combine with coarse grains of salt for an invigorating exfoliating rub before you get in (or to use in the shower), or mix with a scented essential oil, such as lavender, for a soothing soak. Be prepared for a little more cleaning once the bath has drained though…

4 Fruit

Citrus fruits are great for detoxing – so next time you’ve got the juicer out, do a little extra, mix it with some olive oil and salt and add it to the bath for a refreshing, fruity-smelling bath. You could even chuck in the leftover peel for extra fragrance – although it might start looking like a giant cocktail if you do.

5 Honey

Okay, so this one is more of a skin-softening, pre-bath scrub… simply mix up equal measures of honey, sugar and olive oil, then rub it all over. Don’t forget to wash it off afterwards. 

6 Sugar
(see above)

7 Milk

It was good enough to soften the skin of Cleopatra (allegedly), so it’s good enough for us. Use cow’s or soya milk poured into a tub of hot water.

8 Red wine

No, really. Apparently, the wine’s anti-oxidants will soften and nourish your skin. Can’t be any worse than drinking it, anyway.

9 Porridge

Don’t add the oats straight to the bath or you really will be sat in a bowl of porridge. Instead, wrap them up tightly in a clean hanky or piece of muslin, tied in a knot at the top, and put the pouch under the running tap. You can even use the pouch as a moisturising soap!

oat bag small

10 Jelly

Okay, so this one is a little bonkers but we couldn’t resist. Start by dissolving a packet of unflavoured gelatin in boiling water (follow the instructions on the packaging). Add half a cup of bubble bath, a couple of drops of food colouring and stir slowly. Put it in the fridge to set, then simply scoop out a spoonful every time you have a bath. Does it benefit your skin? Nope, not much, but the kids will love it.

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