10 ways to clean your bathroom using organic sources



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It’s much healthier and can be much cheaper to clean your bathroom with natural products. Here’s what to use where.

1 Bicarbonate of soda

Get it out of the kitchen cupboard, mix it with water to create a paste, and use it to bring a non-scratch shine to everything from the bath to your taps. It can even be used to whiten dirty tile grout.

2 Salt

Need a gentle abrasive? Mix salt with water or vinegar to clean your surfaces safely – it’s good as a mild disinfectant, too.

3 Lemon juice

Not just for pancakes, it can remove rust stains – just squeeze it over the offending area, then rub the rust away with an old toothbrush. It’s good for removing grease from plugholes, too. Rinse and repeat for best effect.

4 Vinegar

Doesn’t smell great, but cleans like a dream – use it to get rid of anything from limescale around chrome taps to soap scum on a shower screen. But rinse well with water so the room doesn’t smell like a chip shop.

5 Toothpaste

Shower screen runners looking a little mucky? Load an old toothbrush with white toothpaste and give them a scrub, then rinse with vinegar, then water.

6 Almond and tea tree oils

Rub almond oil over clean tiles or a newly polished shower screen and you’ll prevent the build-up of soap scum – meaning you don’t have to clean so often in the future. Tea tree oil might already be in the bathroom, and you can use this one as a nicely scented surface cleaner if you add a few drops to hot water. Put a couple of drops down your toilet bowl to both clean and scent it, too.

7 Glycerine

Got some in the cupboard anyway? Wipe a thin film of it over the bathroom mirror to stop it fogging up with condensation.

8 Epsom salts

These aren’t just great for soothing aching muscles – if you soak scratchy towels in a bucket of warm water and a cup full of salts overnight, then spin them and leave to dry (without rinsing), they’ll soften right up.

9 Soda water

Swap mirror polish for a squirt of this on every type of bathroom glass – and even tiles – and use an E-cloth to polish to an effortless shine.

10 Tights

Yes, tights. They might not be organic but if you use your old ones as a gentle abrasive cloth, you’ll be surprised at the shine you get – especially if you use them with a little bicarbonate of soda or salt.


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