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10 ways to create a shower room

Not just a handy extra bathroom, your shower room can be a real stunner, too.

1. Feel the heat

Step away from plain ladder designs and choose a radiator for your shower room that makes a real style statement. It’s particularly important in a small area where lack of wall space means you need to make all your design choices count. A curvaceous design is easy on the eye.Dyanmic Stainless Steel Radiator

2. Wow with wall tiles

Real stone tiles on the walls and floor look ultra-luxurious and make for a shower room with five-star style. Budget stretched a bit thin? Stone-effect tiles have an amazingly authentic look at a fraction of the cost and can be used on walls and the floor for an opulent effect. Mimeo tiles, HD Origin collection, British Ceramic Tile. 

3. Slash the laundry

Wicker or wood not quite the laundry basket finish you’re after for your modern showering space? Try a touch of geometric pattern instead for a look that’s bang up to date. Pick up the colours in other accessories for a pulled-together scheme. Ferm Living Spear laundry basket, Cloudberry Living.

4. Make it monochrome

We wouldn’t advise you to hang wallpaper in a shower room that’s small and steamy, but if you’ve created a super-sized room with super-efficient ventilation, then now’s your opportunity. Choose a black and white stripe for a sophisticated look. Special Edition I Block Print Stripe wallpaper, Farrow & Ball.

5. Hang it all

Don’t spoil the look of your shower room with scattered stuff. One solitary hook on the back of the door is just a bit, well, stingy, so make it a row of generously scaled designs where your deep-pile towel and soft cotton bathrobe await you as you step from the shower. Cloakroom three-hook rail, Garden Trading.

6. Ask who’s the fairest

Be at your best to face whatever the day throws at you. An illuminated mirror makes life so much easier when you’re getting ready – and this one has a shaver socket for those of the household whose daily ritual requires it. 40 LED lights make it energy efficient and kind on the pocket, too. Illuminated Square LED 8 Cluster mirror, 

7. Create serenity

When your shower room’s as compact as a postage stamp, display space is hard to come by, so think laterally. Artwork can do double duty as a wall beautifier and the sort of finishing touch you would go for if only you had the room. Sorted. Floral Freeze Superfoil canvas, Arthouse. 

8. Hang a sign

There’s no need to make a dash to the shops when life’s small accidents happen if you have essentials to hand – but they don’t have to be at the ready in an ugly cupboard either. A cabinet that lets you know exactly what it’s for will look great hung on the wall. House Doctor First Aid cabinet, Nelly Pepper. 

9. Smarten up

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and gaudy packaging, which won’t do your shower room scheme proud. Hand soap decanted into an attractive dispenser will give the sink area style mileage. Likewise, bath crystals look better in glass jars, as do small bars of soap. Ceramic soap dispenser, Berry Red.

10. Turn up the sounds

You can ease your way into the day with something classical, find out what’s going on in the world, or have a little dance (which is just between us, of course) if you add a radio to your bathroom. Pick a model labelled as being for the bathroom, and – safety announcement coming up – never use it plugged into the mains.

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