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10 ways to create a spa bathroom

Set up the perfect retreat at home and save yourself a fortune on spa days by transforming your bathroom into a haven of heavenly relaxation. Here’s how…

Set up the perfect retreat at home and save yourself a fortune on spa

  • 1

    Take a seat

    Putting a chair in a generously proportioned, open-plan en suite will turn it from practical space to luxurious, lazy lounge room.

    Hang curtains, too, for added glamour, but make sure the room is well ventilated so that the fabric doesn’t suffer. Tembok curtain and upholstery fabric by Harlequin

  • 2

    Buy quality towels

    Whether you favour deep pile or minimalist crepe for your daily drying-off session, invest in good quality, co-ordinating towels to help take your bathroom from wash room to handsome hamam. Fouta Honeycomb natural cotton towels, Febronie

  • 3

    Choose a dark colour scheme

    Moody shades in both paint colours and wood tones make a small space not just dramatic looking, but, if the bathroom is mainly used at night, a womb-like, relaxing space, too. If the bathroom’s really small, keep the floor light and windows uncluttered to make as much of the natural daylight as possible. Accessories, Dunelm Mill

  • 4

    Hang a feature wallpaper

    Just because the bathroom is a small space, that doesn’t mean you can’t give it special treatment with a feature wallpaper, as you would in a living room. To keep the room feeling as big as possible, choose a motif that’s understated and has minimal colour contrast. Steve Leung wallpaper, Graham & Brown

    Don’t be afraid to hang wallpaper if your space is steam and splash

  • 5

    Display handsome accessories

    Swapping plastic containers for something a little more showy will take your bathroom from cheap to chic with minimum spend. Look for soap dispensers, tumblers and dishes in natural materials, such as marble or granite, and don’t forget to ditch a dodgy looking toothbrush. Bathroom accessories, House of Fraser

  • 6

    Create a private retreat

    Your bathroom really should be for your eyes only, so ensure you don’t have to do the dance of the seven veils with your towels every time you take a bath or shower. Instead, use film to frost your windows, which lets in nothing but light. Showerhead window film, Brume

  • 7

    Get a laid-back vibe

    If your bathroom is short on floor space, emphasise the vertical with a ladder, then display your best towels and linens on it. Choose natural materials and wood for accessories and fittings to get that ‘I’m winding down in a spa in Bali’ feel. Raw oak ladder, Garden Trading

  • 8

    Turn down the lights

    Who can possibly have a relaxing bath under glaring lights? If a dimmer switch isn’t an option, indulge – carefully – in a little candlelight, and check out how to create a great lighting scheme. Choose scented candles to double the yawn factor. Slate glass tealight, Just Slate

    Please your senses with textural materials, such as wood and slate.

  • 9

    Show off your best assets

    Don’t save your nicest pieces for the living room – use a shelf, windowsill or console to display good looking, shapely vases and knick-knacks. It’ll turn your bathroom from plain Jane to flash Harry in an instant. Accessories, all House of Fraser

  • 10

    Decorate like you mean it

    Don’t be half-hearted when it comes to creating a scheme for your bathroom. However big or small it is, attention to detail will transform it from supermarket shelf stacker to supermodel. And, if it looks good, you’ll be tempted to spend much longer in it. So, add layers of fabric to windows, hang co-ordinating wallpaper and choose paint colours to complement the scheme. Then, finish the look with matching towels and floor mats. Simple, doable and needn’t cost the earth. Beads wallpaper, Livadi curtains and Kallianthi cushions, all Harlequin

    A colour scheme in soothing tones of blue creates a restful retreat.
    Team with neutral tones on walls and floor to keep the room looking
    luxuriously large and airy

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