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10 ways to create an adult bathroom

Easy at the back there! We’re talking sophisticated spaces free of plastic bath toys…
Create an adult bathroom -

1 Make a display
You wouldn’t consider one of your other room schemes finished without decorative accessories, so why should your bathroom miss out? Put together groupings that have colours or materials in common, but choose contrasting shapes and sizes because you don’t want to go all matchy-matchy. Casa Couture home accessories, House of Fraser.
2 Bathe by candlelight 
When you’re relaxing in the tub, the full glare of overhead lighting is going to ruin the mood. A soak in the softest of light is so much better – and as a responsible adult you know how to be careful with candles. If your bathroom has a modern country look, this Stornoway lantern from Garden Trading will suit; or add to the sensory experience with a scented candle. 
Bathroom inspiration - wall hung cabinet and shower set 
3 Be fair with storage
Why? Because quibbling over who’s hogged all the cupboards just doesn’t complement the sophisticated lifestyle we’re trying to create here. A unit with a drawer each makes space equality simple, yes? This Nash black wall hung unit from provides you with a basin as an added bonus.
4 Scale up your shower head
Luxury shower a non-negotiable element of your bathroom retreat? Then make sure you get a drenching and not a trickle. Go for a slick contemporary shower head that won’t leave you dodging around to get all of you under the warm water, and don’t get out until you’re good and ready. Burnet fixed head one way shower set, 
Decorative designs - Bathroom Inspiration
5 Ditch the plastic
You don’t need soap dispensers that’ll survive a fall in your adults-only haven, so choose ceramics instead. This black monogram stripe design from Sweetpea & Willow works a treat in a smart scheme with a masculine edge, but you can go pale, bold or anything in between to complement the rest of your room.
6 Decorate your room
A family bathroom needs to work hard, and pack in the storage. An adults-only space can be a little more indulgent in its decor, leaving you space for pieces that aren’t about utility and are just about beauty. This distressed shutter from St Aidan’s Homeware Store will bring a touch of shabby chic to your scheme and, with apologies to William Morris, we say, why not?
Stylish adult bathrooms -
7 Swap out tiles
Inherited a wall of the plainest of plain square white tiles? There’s no need to continue with such an off-the-peg finish in a bathroom of your own. You could, of course, exchange them for more interesting tile designs – alternatively, go for a wallpaper that’s a treat to look at. This is Lattice from Farrow & Ball.
8 Get a gallery feel
All those unadorned bathroom walls are just crying out for artwork, but don’t be shy when you turn your room into a gallery. Make a statement by hanging an oversized artwork. This classic-style canvas from Mineheart has a fab ornate frame, or choose vibrant colour to create a focal point.
Bathroom mirror and taps - 
9 Fit a shaving mirror
If one or more of you needs a morning shave, then make it easy. Hanging a shaving mirror means you can angle the reflective surface to suit what you’re doing rather than angling yourself in front of a flat mirror. Small change, big benefit! Check out our Bryce shaving mirror.
10 Add statement taps
When there’s no need to worry about the difficulties of combining small hands and taps, you can make a style statement with them (the taps, that is, not the small hands). Wall-hung designs will give your room a designer look. Combine with a countertop basin and stand back and admire. This beauty is the Toscana from
Want a glamorous bathroom? Here’s how to get the look. For more inspiration, check out the dressed-up bathrooms and amazing en suites on our Pinterest boards.

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