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10 ways to fragrance your bathroom

Want a bathroom that smells as good as it looks? Discover the best ways to fragrance your room.
Janssen Signature Bathroom Suite,

1. Open the window

Yes, we know you have an efficient extractor fan, but if your bathroom has a window, open it. Nothing, but nothing, beats fresh air for fragrancing your bathroom. If the outside temperature doesn’t rule it out, crank it open a little when you’re showering, and wider when you’ve finished. An open window will help prevent condensation, too.

2. Choose a scented candle

Go for an aroma that creates the mood you’re after. We like this Eucalyptus Scented Candle from Sophie Allport to create a fresh, clean atmosphere. Of course, it’ll also provide relaxing light for your evening ablutions. (But don’t forget all the usual candle safety rules: keep out of children’s reach, and put it out with a spoon or snuffer when you leave the room.)


3. Make your own spray

Why buy the supermarket version when you can make your own and create the scent you’d like? Add drops of your favourite essential oil to water in a spray bottle, and shake. Spray as and when your bathroom needs it.

4. Hang a pomander

For a vintage-style finish in your bathroom, try this pomander from Retreat Home. Hang it on a doorknob or hook and the plaster rose will scent your bathroom and look pretty.


5. Absorb nasty niffs

We may have regaled you with the virtues of baking soda before. Here’s another use for it: put some in a dish and it’ll neutralise unpleasant smells. Result? A fresher bathroom. Remember, you’ll need to place it somewhere where little ones or pets won’t investigate, and treat it as a quick fix – its effect will diminish.

6. Make your own, part two

For a more sophisticated solution, put some baking soda in a glass jar and add a few drops of an essential oil. Punch some holes (carefully) in the lid, screw onto the jar, and enjoy the pleasantly fragrant air.

7. Opt for a diffuser

For long-lasting scent, a diffuser is a great addition to your bathroom. Simply set it on a surface or shelf where it won’t get knocked by children/pets/your other half, and enjoy a favourite scent pervading your room. We like the Sweet Pea Reed Diffuser from The Oak Room.


8. Indulge in fresh flowers

OK, this isn’t a budget option, but as well as lightly fragrancing your bathroom, a bunch of flowers will look fabulous, and you can show them off in a vase that matches your colour scheme. A worthwhile indulgence, we reckon.

9. Take a scented bath

When do you spend longest in the bathroom? When you finally get some time to yourself and the opportunity to have a long soak in the tub, we bet. Make bathtime a better experience by adding your favourite scents to the water. Check out these Rose and Lavender Spa Bath Salts from Nutmeg and Sage.


 10. Try tea lights

Don’t forget that just like candles, tea lights come with aromas from all the families: floral, fresh, woody and oriental. Obviously lit tea lights are a grown-ups only option, so put them into suitable, stable holders, sit them where little ones can’t get to them and away from window treatments and towels, and put the flames out properly when you’ve finished.


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