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10 ways to save for a new bathroom suite


Time to revamp your bathroom?

Try these great ways to put aside the pounds so you can invest in your dream room: If you’ve inherited a tired, dated suite or a bathroom layout that just isn’t working and you’re itching to change it, you’ll need some readies. How to save with so many other demands on your budget? Check out our solutions.


1 Do it yourself.

Becoming handy round your own home will save you plenty. Jobs you cantake on include painting and decorating, tiling and laying some flooring. Remember, though, that some tasks have to be done by a professional – including most electrical work – so pick and choose carefully and safely. Find advice on the planning portal.

2 Become eagle eyed.

When it comes to looking after your home, a problem caught early is money saved. Leave a small job and it can become a big and expensive task. Get in the habit of checking your roof and gutters, the paintwork on your windows and sills, and sorting out interior issues such as dripping taps.

3 Love good design, not high prices.

When you’re buying for your home look for stylish pieces not labels. Developing an eye for the beautiful and the functional, and learning to put looks together successfully – or following advice from the mags, websites and blogs you respect – will save loads.


 Beattie freestanding bath,

4 Don’t be loyal.

It doesn’t generally pay to stick with one company when it comes to car or home insurance. Check the small print for automatic renewal clauses and, if there is one, make a note in your diary so you can give notice in good time if you want to switch. When renewal time comes set aside time to use comparison sites to find the best deal. Dull, yes, but the savings are worth it.

5 Sign up for Skype and get your friends and family to do the same to save on phone calls. After all, we reckon you’ve pretty much got all the equipment you need anyway, right?

6 Check your statements.

Yes, we know that unless you have the mind of – or actually are – an accountant, this is about as appealing as a freezing shower. But it’s the only way you’re going to know if the direct debit you thought you’d cancelled is still coming out of your account.

7 Cut food bills.

‘Meat, fish and ready meals are often the most expensive things we buy, so it helps to get into the habit of regularly checking the dates on perishable items in your fridge,’ says campaign Love Food Hate Waste. ‘Move them into the freezer if you don’t think you’ll have time to eat them or cook them for tonight’s supper.’

8 Choose a cashback credit card.

But take note of the wagging finger here: only if you pay it back in full every month, and only if you won’t use it as a reason to spend more (we’re saving for a bathroom here, remember).

9 Join or set up a car pool.

You probably share lifts from time to time anyway, so it’s just a matter of formalising the system. You won’t just save on petrol, it’ll be less wear and tear overall on your car.

10 Draw up a budget.

Yes, we’re thinking like accountants again, but it’s time to find joy in a spreadsheet. And you will find the joy in it when as well as keeping tabs on what you spend, you see those bathroom savings mount up.

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