5 bathroom trends inspired by best all time films

Famous for sexy, funny, violent and just plain creepy scenes, movie bathrooms have inspired some weird and wonderful trends.

 1 Psycho:

The banishing of the shower curtain


Say ‘famous bathroom movie scene’ and you immediately think ‘Psycho shower’ where Marion Crane, played by Janet Leigh, met her gruesome end. Just think how differently it could all have turned out if the bathroom at the Bates Motel had had a shower enclosure and not a shower curtain (not to mention a lock on the door). She might have seen her killer coming and just had an invigorating wash then a nice cup of tea instead…

2 Scarface:

The advent of opulence


The 1980s didn’t just herald the arrival of power dressing, big hair and bankers’ bonuses – it was also when the cash-rich created bathrooms that wouldn’t look out of place in the Palace of Versailles. Think Al Pacino, as cocaine baron Tony Montana in Scarface, famously soaking in a vast bath that is only rivalled by the one Michael Douglas makes out in with Matt Damon in the recent Liberace biopic. It’s all Champagne, gold taps and shag pile carpets. Want a more modern approach? Think angular freestanding baths, console basins and vast mirrors.

3 Pretty Woman: 

The bath made for two


Remember Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts and Richard Gere got it together in the bath? It started a craze for baths big enough for two. So, whether you want to share yours with your other half (you could always pretend he’s Richard Gere) or just want to stretch out and luxuriate, look for a spacious freestanding tub, like the 300 litre capacity Maderno.


4 American Beauty:

The spa bathroom


Who can forget the scene in American Beauty when Kevin Spacey’s character Lester Burnham fantasises about his teenage daughter’s friend Angela, played by Mena Suvari, in a bath topped with rose petals? It might just have tipped us into the trend for spa-style bathrooms, and it certainly created a lasting impression.


5 A Single Man:

The boardroom bathroom

Directed by Tom Ford, A Single Man is a seminal movie for fans of that early sixties vibe. All those stylish interiors that Colin Firth stalked around haven’t just inspired copycat living spaces – now that look has entered the bathroom, with pared back wood panelling making the transition from boardroom to bedroom to dressing room to bathroom seamless. What to match with it? A straight double ended bath ticks all the right boxes.


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