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5 simple steps to make your bathroom look bigger

Super-size your postage stamp of a bathroom with these clever tricks


1 Let the light in

A brightly lit room always feels larger, whether it’s lit by daylight or artificially. So, swap heavy blinds for frosted glass (window film has the same effect for a fraction of the price and you can put it up yourself), unclutter the windowsill and ensure the room is well-lit at night (consider both overhead lighting and a secondary source, such as an illuminated bathroom cabinet or illuminated mirror.


2 Go white, stay bright

There’s not a lot of point in going to great lengths to light a bathroom that’s dark, dingy and downright dull, so rethink your décor. Updating wall and floor tiles with smart new light-coloured ones is the ideal but if replacing them is a beyond-your-budget no-no, repaint your woodwork, ceiling and walls in bright white to bounce as much light around the room as possible.


3 Think reflection

Revamping a small bathroom? Pick reflective surfaces to stretch your space visually – we’re talking high-gloss bathroom storage furniture, shiny rather than matt tiles and, of course, large mirrors. All these will bounce light around and make the walls appear to recede.


4 Keep the floor uncluttered

We don’t mean tidy up (although that wouldn’t hurt), we’re thinking wall-hung basins and toilets and freestanding baths. Basically, the more of the floor you can see, the bigger the room will feel – and if you lay the floor tiles diagonally, your eyes will be tricked into seeing the room as bigger still.


5 Stay with simple lines

In a small room, avoid fussy curves and flourishes and go for sanitaryware that’s all about angles that guide the eyes upwards and outwards. Have we lost you? Okay, take a look at the Thornton bath and you might see what we mean – or the Vittone basin. The same applies with décor – subtly striped wallcoverings or blinds hung vertically can make a room seem taller or hung horizontally can make a narrow room seem wider.


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