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5 things prospective buyers notice first in a bathroom

Buyers are eagle eyed when they’re looking round your home. Discover how to make sure they like what they see in your bathroom.
There’s no one more critical than prospective home buyers and – especially if they’re looking round with an estate agent – they aren’t afraid to test your taps and check out your grout. Make sure your bathroom’s up to scratch with our guide to what your buyers will be looking out for.


1 The wow factor

As they walk in, buyers are looking for a bathroom that makes an impact. They’ll check out the style of the suite – especially the bath – and the taps, and they’ll notice how clean it is. Make sure your room sparkles. ‘It’s all about first impressions,’ says Niral Batavia, Director Bairstow Eves, Amersham & Chesham.


2 Lightness and brightness
A well-lit bathroom is a must-have, as buyers will notice if it’s gloomy. If you have a window, make sure it’s dressed to maximise the daylight that can reach the room. En suite or other bathroom without natural light? Make sure the artificial lighting is good. One ceiling light just won’t cut it, so think about wall lights and illuminated mirrors, too – just don’t forget that all the lights you choose for the bathroom need to be made for the purpose. ‘Today’s buyers will also look out for mood lighting in a bathroom,’ says Niral.


3 Plumbing matters
Ugly pipes are a definite no-no. ‘Buyers will look to see how cleverly the plumbing is done – whether it’s hidden or on show,’ says Niral. If your plumbing is conspicuous because of the design of your bathroom fittings, make sure it’s made for the job: a plastic bottle trap underneath your wall-hung basin is out, so swap it for a chrome design bottle trap. Buyers aren’t shy about testing the plumbing, either. ‘They’ll open taps to check the water pressure,’ says Niral.


4 Underfloor heating
Prospective buyers will often have taken their shoes off to walk round your house – particularly in more upmarket properties. Why does this matter in the bathroom? ‘They will notice if you have underfloor heating,’ says Niral. A floor that’s pleasing underfoot will definitely sell your home harder.


5 Horrors
Mouldy grout and shower curtains are going to turn your buyers off. Likewise, signs of condensation or poor ventilation are going to make them alert to the possibility of mould developing, so it’s not enough just to clean grout and swap the curtain for a screen. Make sure you’re using your extractor fan, opening the window, cleaning regularly, dealing with leaks… you know the drill.Need a new suite to help sell your home. Discover our fabulous designs.

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