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5 tips that tell you it’s time to buy a new bathroom

Not sure whether your bathroom needs updating. If it ticks one of these boxes, it surely does, so start saving…


1 It’s not white

Avocado, orange, pink… you name it, we’ve seen it. And no, we’re not even talking tiles or flooring, we’re talking SUITES. So, if yours is anything but sparkly white, it’s time to bash it out and buy a new one.

2 You feel cleaner keeping out of it

If your bathroom’s previous occupants didn’t look after it – we’re talking mould in the seal, ground-in grime in the shower tray, limescale that won’t shift for love nor money – it might just be better to admit defeat, throw off the rubber gloves, bin the scrubbing brush and get yourself a gleaming new suite.

3 You bathe upstairs, the kitchen gets some, too

If your bathroom is so riddled with leaks that a quick shower means a whole new colour scheme downstairs, it’s either:
a) badly plumbed in, b) not sealed around the edges, or c) way past its use-by date.
So, what to do: spend a few hundred getting the plumbing and sealing fixed – or throw in a few more notes and get the whole thing revamped. We know what we’d do.

4 It’s all too bling

Gold taps? Fluted edges on your basin? Austrian blinds at the windows? Roll-top with feet so sparklingly gold they’d suit an oligarch’s yacht? Deep pile carpet on the floor? No, these aren’t selling points we’re offering you here – these are what not to do to create a bathroom that will be the envy of friends, neighbours and, hopefully, future buyers.

5 What’s that smell?

If your bathroom makes itself known downstairs by its odour alone, it’s time to think about a revamp. Years of unattended leaks, poor ventilation, sodden, rotting flooring and peeling wallpaper – not to mention grimy grout – will all be adding to the not-so-subtle eau de parfum you’ll be wearing to work if you continue to share a house with this monster of a room. So, do yourself a favour: rip it out and start again.

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