5 ways to decorate your bathroom on a budget

Looking for some clever and chic but cheap ideas to get your bathroom from glum to glam?


1 Be sneaky with your budget

Want wall-to-wall tiles but can’t quite stretch to it? ‘Choose the loveliest tiles you can afford and use them to cover the smallest area you can get away with – in the shower cubicle, behind the bath or sink, perhaps – then paint the rest of the walls in a colour that is as close a match to the tiles’ colour as possible,’ advises interior designer Nicola Steer. At a glance, your bathroom will look fully tiled and super expensive, but you’ll have saved bucket-loads of cash.


2 Pare down the details

Can’t afford blinds or shutters but still want bags of style? Window film does everything you need in a bathroom (other than keeping out draughts): it provides you with privacy, a streamlined, water-resistant finish and a touch of detailing. Best of all, if your budget is so low you can’t afford a made-to-measure panel, you can buy cheaper, ready-made film, too. This design costs from £45 per square metre at Purlfrost.

3 Easy-care floors

Looking for a floor that looks good but won’t break the bank? If you’re saving up for super-stylish floor tiles, a 100% waterproof laminate flooring makes a great alternative – and it’s warm underfoot, too, saving you the layout on underfloor heating. Good news, too, for penny-conscious DIYers – you can install these floors yourself without too much trouble.


4 Focal, not fiscal

Creating a focal wall in a bathroom will turn it from plain to plain genius. You     can do this in lots of clever ways – from using fabulous tiles to hanging an eye-catching piece of art. But if your budget is as small as your space, use a feature wallpaper that will set your room apart and be practical. This London Landmarks Postcard wallpaper is self-adhesive, meaning it’s easy to apply and, (for the truly money-conscious), it’s removable so you can re-use it elsewhere once you can afford what you REALLY want. It costs from £45 per metre square, from Purlfrost.


5 Stick it to ‘em

Need a quick fix for plain tiles? Applying these wall stickers is child’s play (although we wouldn’t recommend you let the kids do it), they come in a pack of 36 – enough to revamp the biggest of family bathrooms – and are removable, should you decide you like plain after all. A pack costs £20, Spin Collective.


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