5 ways to get your bathroom Valentine’s ready

Want to get your other half in the mood for a romantic night out (or in)? Upping the style stakes in the bathroom will do the trick – here’s how

1 Clean it
It couldn’t be further from romantic, but donning a pair of rubber gloves and giving the room a good rub down might ensure that later on, you get a rub down, too…

2 Make it smell nice
Clean smells good but it reeks of clinical, too, which might be okay if you’re planning a medical procedure but not so alluring if you’ve got a seduction in mind. So, hunt down a scent he or she will like – ylang ylang is said to heighten desire, while lavender will help them unwind and relax. Whatever you choose, whether pot pourri, a room spray or scented candle, bear in mind that natural scents are more enticing than chemical ones. Try this Tesco Botanicals Elixir Candle, Pot Pourri and Diffuser Collection.

1_Tesco Botanicals Elixir Candle Pot Pourri and Diffuser Collection

3 Get the lighting right
Did we say candles? Yes, we did – and there’s no better way to cast your bathroom (and yourself) in a flattering light than by the flicker of a flame. Scatter them about on windowsills and shelves or around the edge of the bath. You can go right over the top (as long as you’re careful and don’t set fire to the room – you want hot, but not that hot). Why not make a pretty sconce part of your Valentine’s gift? This Hanging Crown is £9.99; the glass vase is £4.99, both Dunelm Mill.

2_Hanging crown and glass vase

4 Warm it up
Come on, it’s February. We know you’re trying to make up for all the cash you spent at Christmas, but you really can’t expect someone to get their kit off, and feel comfortable and grateful for all the effort you’ve made if they’re covered in goose pimples. So turn the thermostat up and pop some fluffy towels on the radiator so they’re snug when they emerge from their ablutions, too.

5 Set the scene
You know what we’re talking about – rose petals sprinkled in the bath, a glass of cold Champagne perched where the dandruff shampoo is usually to be found, a scented soap on the bath caddy, maybe even some background music on somewhere.

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