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5 ways to spend £100s on your house but make £1,000s

Looking to maximise the investment you’ve made in your home, but don’t have much cash to splash? Here’s how to spend wisely and reap the rewards…


1 Time isn’t money
Have a look at the jobs you can do yourself on days off or at the weekends. Any repairs, from mending broken guttering or putting a garden gate back on its hinges, to fixing a dripping tap or filling cracks in walls cost very little to do but will make your home much more saleable in the future.

2 Clean up and clear out
If your shower room’s grout is grotty, your spare room is packed with clutter you don’t need or your kitchen floor tiles are hidden beneath a layer of grime, a good, concerted effort to tidy up and scrub your home till it shines is another cost-free but potentially profitable way to improve it. Don’t believe us? We promise buyers will knock thousands off the asking price if a property is poorly presented.

3 Get the paintbrush out
If you can’t get the marks off the wall with a bit of elbow grease, the skirting is chipped from where the kids ram their toy cars into them or your rooms are just downright dark and dingy, buy yourself a bumper batch of bright white paint to brighten up your rooms quickly and cheaply. Prefer a splash of colour? Choose space-enhancing shades to make your rooms look bigger and lighter than they are.

4 Use visual tricks 
Okay, the hard work is more or less over – now comes the fun part. With the house sparkling clean, what you need now are a few crafty tricks to make it look bigger and better. First, go mirror shopping, choosing the biggest ones you can for the smallest, darkest rooms, such as the shower room, bathroom or hallway. Where you can, hang mirrors on walls adjacent to windows to reflect as much light as possible back into the room. You can create a similar brightening, space-stretching effect with bright new bed linen, a light new rug or even a throw to cover a worn sofa.

5 Get the important rooms right
‘Improvements to a kitchen generally add more value to a home than any other job,’ advises estate agent Jeremy Leaf. So, spend your budget there, repairing broken tiles,painting cupboard doors and replacing worktops if you can’t afford a whole new room. Second in importance to the kitchen is the bathroom and here you can make a bigger difference – a new suite can cost as little as £199 (check out our Budget straight bath suite  if you don’t believe us) but you’ll reap the rewards twice over in profit.

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