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7 ways to go greener in the bathroom

Discover the easy strategies that’ll make your room more environmentally friendly


We’ll admit it – it isn’t difficult to waste precious resources in the bathroom. On the upside, though, it’s simple to remedy many of our distinctly un-eco habits. Follow our simple guide to improve your green credentials.

1 Be your own plumber – or at least get handy enough to sort out dripping taps straight away. It’s not difficult to do a minor fix, and think how proud you’ll be of your DIY skills, as well as your money-saving abilities.

2 Toilets can leak, too. Suspect you’ve got a problem? ‘Add a few drops of food colouring to your toilet cistern. Don’t flush the toilet for at least one hour. If the food colouring shows up in the toilet bowl after an hour, then you’ve got a leak,’ suggest water efficiency experts Waterwise. Once you’ve done the detective work, get on the phone to a plumber or – happy do-it-yourselfers – get the parts you need and get to it.

3 Still got the tap running when you clean your teeth? There’s really no need to turn it on and watch that lovely clean water disappear straight down the plug hole while you polish your pearly whites. So stop it. Now.

4 When you consider how you use water in your bathroom , we’ll bet you think about baths and showers – but toilets get through a large proportion of domestic water – around 30%, according to Waterwise. Swap your loo for a dual flush design – such as the Renwick close coupled toilet – and you can be sure you’re only using water according to, er, need.


5 And while we’re getting personal… rather than spraying the room with air fresheners when its atmosphere is less than lovely, open the window instead. It’ll help clear any condensation from your space, too, making the bathroom an overall healthier place to be.

6 Washing towels like it’s going out of style? Maybe it’s because you need more space to air and dry them rather than because they’re dirty. Fit a new towel radiator and encourage careful hanging and you can cut down on the water and energy costs of washing and drying – the saving on your electricity bills will be welcome, too.
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7 Around half of us have a water meter these days – and owning one really can concentrate the mind on how much water you’re getting through. It could save you money as well. suggests that if there are more (or the same number of) bedrooms than people in your house, it might be worthwhile.

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