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A loo for you, a bathroom for buyers

Finding striking the balance between your taste and the neutral bathroom your prospective buyers will want a little tricky? Follow our guide to making your bathroom sale-friendly


Start with the basics

We’re thinking walls, floors and furniture – get those right and you can stamp your own personality on with the accents.

Suite success

If you’re revamping so that you can sell up at a profit, the bathroom suite you choose shouldn’t be anything but white. Forget fancy-pants, show-off basins in orange or glass, reject baths in black and don’t even think of conserving the avocado-coloured loo.

Tile taste

Smart new floor and wall tiles can make or break a bathroom, but imagine you’re selling to the most DIY-phobic, penny-pinching buyer in existence, then rethink those fabulous bright blue tiles you’ve been eyeing up (and that they’ll hate) and redirect your gaze to the packs of white tiles (which are so inoffensive, no one can hate them).

Stash your stuff

Buyers dislike nothing more than spending a viewing being distracted by your lady-shave, haemorrhoid cream and waste bin full of questionable-looking rubbish, so invest in a piece of bathroom furniture – there are lots of handsome, freestanding bathroom storage pieces, such as this Verity storage unit, to buy if you want to take it with you when you move – and clear your clutter into it, at least for the duration of the viewing. And please, we beg you, empty the bin or get one with a lid.

Get the lighting right

If you’re revamping the bathroom, put some budget aside for improving bathroom lighting. This might mean new ceiling downlighters, or you might just need to add in some accent lighting with wall lights either side of the mirror, or with an illuminated bathroom cabinet. Consider it an investment – a well-lit bathroom will look bigger than a dingy one.

Now, make your mark

With the basics in place, you can stamp your own personality on the room. Here are five easy ways:

1 Add colour to the walls

If you want a brightly coloured bathroom, limit yourself to paint, which can quickly and easily be painted over if your buyer hates the shade you’ve chosen. When picking a colour, bear in mind that very strong shades will reflect on your face so that when looking in the bathroom mirror, that tinge of green in your complexion may not only be down to the over-indulgence of the night before.

2 Add texture with naturals

If you like the neutral, natural look, you need to add a little visual interest to the space so that function doesn’t win out over form. A woven bath mat, baskets to hold and display your perfumes and even a wooden bath caddy will all go a long way to making your bathroom more eye-candy than eye-sore.

3 Hang some pictures

The golden rule of hanging pictures when you’re trying to sell is to avoid putting up family snaps and to choose something less personal instead. Hang a group of pictures or photos (as in our bathroom above) and they’ll be the focal point of the room – which could be a good thing if your bathroom lacks brownie points in other ways.

4 Add pattern with towels

Get yourself along to a department store at sale time and go crazy for bold prints, funky stripes and floral flannels. Got a shower curtain rather than a bath screen? Get a co-ordinating one and your whole room will be transformed in a matter of minutes.

5 Have a ‘you’ shelf

You’d have books, nice vases, bottles of lovely stuff and pretty trinkets in your living room, so why not in your bathroom? It’ll make the bathroom feel like home to you but, confined to one area of the room, it won’t distract from your bathroom’s selling points.


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