Adding an en-suite bathroom

There’s a very good reason why many new houses are built with a bathroom for every bedroom…
Waiting for your turn in the shower in the morning just isn’t fun. Fit an en-suite, though, and you’ll make relationships more harmonious even if there are only two of you, plus it will make the transition from bed to shower just that little bit less of a daily shock to the system.

You probably won’t need planning permission – but do check with your local authority’s planning department. You will need to comply with the building regulations. Find out more on the planning portal.
Where can you put an en suite?
You don’t need a huge amount of space to fit an en suite. An area of around 1m x 3m or a little less will give you enough space for shower enclosure, toilet and basin with good planning and the right fittings.
If you want the luxury of a bath as well, you’ll need a bigger space of course. If both bath and shower is out of the question, but you do like the idea of a peaceful soak, a shower bath is worth considering as it will mean you can shower and bathe comfortably.
Carving out an area of your bedroom for an en suite is a possibility if the room is sufficiently generous, but make sure you won’t be losing so much floor area you can’t move around your room with ease. Alternatively, you could think about transforming a next door bedroom. Estate agents will tell you not to sacrifice a bedroom if you’re planning on selling, but if you’re staying put or going up into the loft is a possibility then you can plan more freely.
If you’re dividing up your bedroom, you’ll need to fit studwork and sound insulation, too, to spare the blushes of all concerned.
Plumbing for an en-suite bathroom.
You’ll need to ensure that your boiler can cope with the demands of supplying an additional bathroom – speak to a qualified plumber. You’ll also need to choose fittings appropriate to the water pressure.
If your en suite is near the existing bathroom, then plumbing is simpler. However, additional pipework and a macerator pump can allow a bathroom to be fitted in a new location in your home. Find out more from Saniflo. Again, consult your plumber, and factor in the space for the pipes, as well as the budget implications.
Ventilation for your new bathroom
Good ventilation is essential – and required – for your new en-suite: damp walls are no good for your health or your decor. You will need to fit an efficient extractor fan, and don’t forget to check out how noisy it is if you want your ablutions to be peaceful, and your still-slumbering partner to remain undisturbed.
Choose fittings for your en suite
You can maximise the space in even the most bijou en suite with the right choice of fittings.Remember that corner basins and corner toilets can help you fit all you need into your new bathroom. To create a feeling of space by having the whole of the floor on show, check out wall-hung basins, wall-hung toilets, and wall-hung storage furniture. Frameless shower enclosures look contemporary, and keep the en suite feeling uncluttered and larger than it really is.You can also decorate to make your bathroom feel bigger. Pale shades, reflective finishes and space-expanding choices are all your friends if this is the case. Great lighting is also essential – especially for the windowless variety of en suite. Make sure you keep safe by understanding the bathroom lighting rules.

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