Bathroom colour schemes: bold tones

Why go bold in a bathroom?

If you’re after a fashion-forward bathroom, then adding a pop of confident colour to the room is the way to go. But don’t fret: it’s not going to date quickly. It’s such a fabulous look that it’s here for the long term, so there’s no reason not to indulge your colour confidence, and warm up your space with a brilliant tone.

Bear in mind that a scheme with a twist of bold colour isn’t just for ultra-contemporary rooms. It’ll work whether you have a sleek modern suite or as a way to give a modern feel to a scheme based around a traditional bath as a centrepiece.

Transform your bathroom with a hit of bold colour. It’s an on-trend look you’ll love to live with.

If you like to swap schemes regularly, limit colour to towels, blinds and paint colours ­ all can be easily and cheaply changed

How to use bold colour

Vivid red, vibrant pink and other hot shades are perfect teamed with a white suite, and neutral tones elsewhere in the room. Think of them as an accent: if you like to plan in numbers, we’re talking around 10% of the room. However, if even the thought of maths brings you out in a cold sweat, then adopt the idea of small areas, and you’ll be just fine. Deep tones of red, pink and even orange appear to advance towards the eye when they’re used in interiors, so using them over vast areas won’t make your bathroom feel bigger. Limit them to a few places and they’ll bring welcome warmth to the room without any space-shrinking issues.

Define bathroom areas

Using your amazing accent shade to define functional areas of your bathroom works beautifully. You could use them on the back wall of a shower enclosure to highlight a luxurious walk-in shower. These red gloss ceramic tiles are from Topps Tiles.

They also make a great basin splashback used either as an above-basin rectangle, or a ceiling to floor strip that runs behind it.

If you’re making the bath the star of the show and your room has sufficient ceiling height, then using the accent shade on a raised plinth for the bath is a stunning way to create a focal point in your room (see bottom).

In a small room, only use a single bold shade in one area and play it off against easy neutrals. Pick light-reflecting materials to stretch the space visually
Lucy Powell

Keep your room stylish

Your white bathroom fittings provide a welcome dose of freshness in a scheme that features intense colour. You can use white for the remaining walls and on the floor, too, which will keep the contrast levels high.


Alternatively, why not try grey: a neutral that’s dressing contemporary interiors to stylish effect, and that looks fantastic teamed with a hot colour. Use it for walls and floors in a modern scheme, or in a more traditional room, in a wallpaper, such as this Crooms Hill design in Haze, Little Greene.

Wallpaper and small children in the bath aren’t a good mixture, of course, but it’s ideal for your strictly-for-the-grown-ups sanctuary.



Experiment with bright fabric or paint swatches to help decide which colour works best

Choose great bathroom flooring

Pink makes a great statement as a bathroom accent, but sugary sweet probably isn’t the statement you’re after. To avoid an effect that’s girly rather than grown-up, go for a deep and rich shade of pink, and put it together with a sophisticated dark wood-look floor.

This bathroom-suitable laminate is Lagune from Quick-Step.
Other flooring companies that do similar stuff include Amtico, B&Q and Karndean.

Shop the look

Add accessories

Finishing touches are important, too, so think about the smaller pieces in your room as well as the larger fixtures and fittings. Repeating your accent shade in essentials such as soap dispensers – this one is the Umbra Joey from Red Candy – soap dishes and toothbrush holders will pull the whole look together beautifully.

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