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10 ways to… decorate a loft bathroom

Make the most of a small space with our clever bathroom design ideas
1 Widen the space with tiles
Face it, your loft bathroom is probably snugger than an Olympic swimmer’s shorts, so use all the visual tricks at your fingertips to make it look bigger. Rectangular, Metro-style wall tiles, particularly white ones, will make the bathroom seem wider if used floor-to-ceiling – choose grey grout in between for a look that’s right on trend, and a gloss finish for the tiles to reflect as much light as possible. HJÄLMAREN wall shelves, Ikea.
2 Pick furniture to suit the space
Don’t shop for bathroom furniture until your loft is complete because it’s more than likely that the room will end up being nothing like you’d planned when you first paced it out. Once all the sanitaryware is in place, measure up and find pieces that don’t make the room feel squeezed – like these tall, narrow shelving units, ideal for a slim bathroom. Sonoma light collection, Marks & Spencer.
3 Go for some zing and bling
Whatever anyone (including us) tells you about paring back bathroom accessories to the minimum and sticking to a neutral colour scheme, don’t listen. Adding a splash of outrageous citrus, lipstick pink or in-your-face orange, whether in a piece of furniture, a shapely vase or even just your bath bottles, will turn a scheme from supermarket squash to beach cocktail in minutes. Rae Tung chair, Habitat.
4 Shop for circular storage
Is your loft bathroom more quick-in-and-out shower room than idle-away-the-afternoon luxury spa bathroom? Every inch counts in a tight space, so look for roomy storage units that don’t have corners you’ll bump into as you move about – and if you can find ones with sliding doors, too, all the better. Storage unit, Next.
5 Choose a dramatic colour scheme
Planning a loft bathroom? Just because it is limited on space, doesn’t mean you can’t use deep, dark colours to make it stand out from the crowd. A dramatic, dark wallpaper with a light-reflecting design, like this Cobweb from the Spellbound collection at Graham & Brown, is the ideal choice for walls that won’t get splashed and, as long as the room is well-ventilated, it will look good for as long as your paintwork does. For a truly contemporary look, match the colour of your woodwork – from skirting to mouldings – with the background colour of the wallpaper.
6 Buy a double-up laundry bin
Rule 1: Don’t buy anything for a loft bathroom that can’t be used for more than one purpose because the more efficiently you furnish the space, the better looking and less cluttered it will be. Rule 2: Don’t buy anything functional that’s not just as handsome, too. So, think sleek illuminated mirrors, compact mirrored bathroom cabinets and gorgeous laundry bins that can also be used as stools, like this one.  Bali laundry bin, Next.
7 Multiply hanging space
In a loft bathroom, there’s often little storage for towels. So, if your heated towel rail isn’t quite big enough to offer the airing space you need, consider extra hooks, rails or clever pieces like this RÅGRUND towel rack chair from Ikea.
8 Choose a quadrant shower
Remember what we said about buying furniture with round edges to save on stubbed toes? Same goes for shower trays and enclosures in a postage size loft shower room. Quadrants with sliding doors (two sides square, the third side curved), like this Miller enclosure, offer the best space-saving opportunities, but still give you lots of room to lather up enthusiastically.
9 Get good lighting
Shopping for a smart mirrored cabinet for your loft bathroom? Go one step further and buy one with integral lighting, which will help make the room feel bigger and brighter – or, when used on its own at night, will offer a softer lighting option than a ceiling light will – perfect if you like to wind down in the bath before bed. Dewez illuminated cabinet,
10 Fit a wall-hung basin
Wall-hung basins don’t just give you a sleek, contemporary look – they have the added bonus of taking up less floor space than a pedestal basin, too. Match yours with a wall-hung toilet because you know a co-ordinated approach makes a small room feel more streamlined. Leoni basin,

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