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From amazing natural stones, through fabulous tiles and even wood, to practical and great-looking manmade floors, there’s a world of choice for your bathroom floor
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There was a time when carpet in the bathroom was seen as the height of luxury – but for most people it’s about as desirable as an avocado suite these days. However, there’s such a huge range of bathroom flooring types available now that making the right choice can seem overwhelming. That’s where our guide comes in. We’ll help you select flooring that looks good and suits your lifestyle. 
Choose stone bathroom flooring
Stone flooring is a popular choice if you want to create a spa-style look in your bathroom. Don’t just think of pale stones – they range from almost white, through mid tones to dark finishes. Travertine, granite, slate, limestone and marble are all possibilities.  Stones vary in the regularity of the colour, so look at a large sample to decide if you like the effect. Polished stones can be slippery, so think about using honed or matt tiles for better traction.
Bear in mind that stone does need to be properly sealed to maintain its water and stain resistance, and will need re-sealing over time. It’s compatible with underfloor heating, so you can enjoy the beauty of a natural material and the luxury of warmth underfoot in your bathroom.
Stone will also look beautiful as it ages, so it’s a great investment if you’re staying put in your home.
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Pick porcelain for the bathroom
Porcelain creates an extremely durable bathroom floor, so it’s great if your bathroom sees a lot of to-ing and fro-ing or enthusiastic splashing. The tiles come in shades from pale to dark as well as mimicking the look of finishes such as cement, wood and stone. 
Like stone flooring, porcelain is compatible with underfloor heating so you can treat your feet. It won’t get stained if it’s properly sealed, and it’s easy to mop clean. 
Fall for ceramic bathroom tiles 
Ceramic tiles are a hard-wearing option for a bathroom floor, and come in a huge choice of plains and patterns, so you can create a look that’s understated or more attention grabbing. They will resist staining, and don’t need sealing although that would protect the grout, which requires more work to keep pristine than the tiles do. 
Choose large or small format, depending on the effect you want, and if you’re after a sleek look, using the same ceramic tiles on both the floor and the walls of your bathroom looks fabulous. Don’t like straying into the bathroom without something on your feet? You can fit underfloor heating with these, too.
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Indulge in wood bathroom flooring 
Wood reacts to changes in the environment, expanding and contracting in response to temperature and humidity, so it’s not generally recommended for use in a bathroom. So, if yours is a family room or not well ventilated, don’t consider it as a possible option. 
Additionally, if you’re inclined to splash your floor (whatever your age), say no to wood. However, in a grown-up only sanctuary and the right conditions, you may want to consider it. It would, of course, need to be sealed and regularly re-treated.
Engineered wood flooring is made up of layers of wood to ensure stability, so if you love wood, consider this option instead. Again, though, you will need to treat it well, and it isn’t a family bathroom choice. With any wood, check the warranty from your supplier as it may not cover use in a bathroom.
Fit bathroom laminate
Laminate flooring can look like wood, as well as other surfaces such as stone or concrete. For a bathroom, look for a laminate that’s specified as being suitable for the room. It doesn’t need to be sealed and won’t get stained, so the right laminate can be an attractive and easy-care solution. Although a bathroom-friendly laminate will happily shrug off splashes, you’ll need to mop up any puddles to keep it in good shape.
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Enjoy vinyl in the bathroom
Vinyl bathroom flooring is another low maintenance option, and picking it can be a good way to get a chic look on a tight budget. If you don’t mind faking it, vinyl enables you to create the look of many other surfaces: tiles, wood, stone, concrete and so on.
As it’s hygienic and durable, it is a good solution for a family bathroom, and it’s also more forgiving than tiles or stone if something’s dropped on to it. You may find it more comfortable to stand on than harder bathroom flooring, and it’s warmer than stone or tiles.
Try rubber bathroom flooring
Rubber flooring, although not as widely available as other types, is well worth considering for your bathroom. It feels warm underfoot and comes in a wide range of colours as well as different textures, and it’s slip resistant. Perfect for family spaces – and clumsy adults – it’s less inclined than other surfaces to break dropped objects. It can be mopped clean, so it’s easy to take care of.
Enjoy some bathroom flooring inspiration on our Pinterest board.

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