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Baths vs showers: What are buyers looking for

Doing up your home to sell and move on? Here’s how to get the bathroom right…


Who’s your customer?

Before you make a decision about whether to choose a bath or a shower for your bathroom, think about the property as a whole, who will be buying it and how they might use it:

 • Is it a family house, a starter home or a cool pad for couples?

• Is there a second bathroom, an en suite or space for a wet room elsewhere?

• How much can you fit into the main bathroom without it seeming squeezed?

‘If space allows, most buyers would choose the luxury of a full bathroom with a full-size bath as well as a separate shower room with a good size cubicle in it, or en suite to the master bedroom,’ says Jeremy Leaf, estate agent and housing spokesman for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


The one bathroom option

‘If there is only one bathroom in a property, a bath and a separate shower cubicle in a larger bathroom or a bath designed to allow showering and equipped with a good quality shower head and shower screen as well as strong water pressure are the preferred options,’ continues Jeremy Leaf.


Going for this option? Choose a centrepiece bath, such as the Maderno, and a nearly-not-there shower cubicle and low-profile shower tray, such as the Frameless Pentagonal 8 Series shower enclosure and low-profile quadrant shower tray  to make the most of the space. Or for a smaller bathroom, shower baths, such as the 1600 P shapes shower bath will make the absolute best of a compact space.

Designing a bathroom for a family?

‘If there is a fixed head shower in a cubicle or over a bath, then a hand-held shower head on a flexible hose should also be provided to allow bathing of children, washing of hair and cleaning of the bath,’ says Jeremy Leaf. ‘Any bath should be provided with a shower hose as well as a bath filler, even if there is a separate shower cubicle in the same room.’


Always think practically when designing a family bathroom because these are things buyers will notice. Don’t forget to ensure showers in particular have thermostatic controls to protect children from burning themselves. Consider, too, a back to the wall bath instead of a freestanding one to cut down the splash factor – the curvaceous Janssen bath has all the style of a rolltop, without the mop-up hassle.

Consider your space

Whether yours is a large bathroom or not, always think about how you could make it seem larger. ‘There is a wide range of baths and shower trays now available in different shapes and sizes to maximize space,’ says Jeremy Leaf. Freestanding baths will, of course make your bathroom feel larger, as will quadrant, low profile shower trays and frameless shower cubicles. Or, look for a much smaller bath – you’ll still get the pleasure of a soak, without taking up too much floor space – check out our freestanding Leoni.


Think Hilton hotel not Paris Hilton

If you’re doing up your bathroom, go stylish, not outlandish. ‘More unusual designs such as over-sized, Jacuzzi or sunken baths may deter some purchasers,’ says Jeremy Leaf. ‘Many buyers have stayed in hotels with luxury bathrooms and now want the same standard in their own home.’


 You needn’t spend a fortune to get the hotel bathroom look – just ensure you pick the right pieces to create a dramatic effect – our Vittone suite with Thornton bath will give you the perfect hotel bathroom style, while our walk-in shower cubicles ooze chic.

Bath vs shower – which wins?

‘Some people never want to soak in a bath and only take showers, but whilst properties only having shower cubicles are often the norm in other countries the absence of any bath in a property in the UK still tends to limit marketability,’ concludes Jeremy Leaf.

In other words, if you can fit in both somehow, do it.


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