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Buyer’s guide: Pedestal Basins

Pedestal basins are a common choice and will create a feature point in any bathroom suite, small and large. Use our buyer’s guide to learn everything you need to know about pedestal basins and how to make the most of your bathroom space.

Upgrading your bathroom basin? Choose a shapely pedestal to create a stylish new look.


Why a pedestal basin?

There are many basin types to choose from, including wall-hung, countertop, inset, corner and cloakroom basins.

Bear in mind that a scheme with a twist of bold colour isn’t just for ultra-contemporary rooms. It’ll work whether you have a sleek modern suite or as a way to give a modern feel to a scheme based around a traditional bath as a centrepiece.

What shape and style of basin to buy?

Pedestal basins tend to be either very contemporary, very traditional or somewhere in between, so there are lots of options for you to choose from to get the look of your bathroom to look just right.

For a compact room, opt for a slim pedestal. In a bigger bathroom, you can choose a more impactful and substantial design.

Buying taps for your basin

Before you make your final decision, consider the type of taps to go with the basin, and double check that there are tap holes
to fill and, if so, how many. If you do have a tap hole
to fill, choose a small monobloc mixer for a wider
rectangular bowl.

Buying waste fittings

Gone are the days of a plug and chain – basins now come
with stylish pop-up wastes that can be as much of a design
statement as the basin itself. Ensure you have the right
fitting for your basin and don’t forget to include it in
your order because it will be sold separately.

You needn’t choose a basin as part of a complete set – if you want a unique look for the bathroom, they needn’t even be from the same range. However, the style of the basin that you choose should at least complement the style or shape of the bath.

If your bathroom is tight on space, you might make your choice based on the basin’s shape. Angular square or rectangular basins tend to take up more space and are a better choice for bigger bathrooms, whereas those with curving or round edges are good space-saving options. If the room is really compact, consider a corner basin or cloakroom basin to save more space still, but ensure the basin is going to be large enough for your needs.

Consider, too, how much shelf space the sink has around the basin itself – if you have little room in your bathroom for storing soap dishes and toothbrushes, this should influence your choice as well.

If you have the space, fit two basins for a luxurious look and stress-free mornings!

Wall-hung or floorstanding basin?

The benefit of a wall-hung basin over a pedestal is that, in a small bathroom or cloakroom, it will help create a greater impression of space. Added to that, you can put a basket of towels or bathroom bottles on the floor beneath a wall-hung basin.

On a practical note, wall-hung basins need a good, solid surface behind them so that their full weight can be taken, so won’t necessarily suit a period property with crumbling lath and plaster interior walls. Basins that sit on a pedestal still need to be fixed to the wall, but their weight can rest on the pedestal itself.

Where to position your pedestal basin?

Assuming your bathroom is large enough to allow you to decide the layout, put your basin as near as possible to a window to make the most of the natural light in the room. Allow enough wall space above for a centrally positioned mirror, and room on one side or the other for a hook for a towel.

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