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Buyer’s guide: shower towers

Which shower tower to buy?
Considering buying a new shower? A shower tower will give you the ultimate pampering experience, and your bathroom a contemporary feel. Here’s what you need to know…
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What is a shower tower?
Looking to create the perfect shower room? There are lots of choices when it comes to buying showers – from electric showers to shower sets, which include one way shower sets, two way shower sets and three way shower sets (all of which have concealed mixers), thermostatic shower sets, surface-mounted shower sets and shower tower sets, all of which have surface-mounted pipework.Shower towers are the most contemporary looking of these options and can create a standout focal point in a wet room or shower room, or even over a bath. They typically have a smart, angular shower body with integrated overhead rainfall shower and separate hand shower.
Why choose a shower tower?
Shower towers (or shower columns) not only look highly contemporary – if you buy one with massage jets in the body of the tower, you can treat yourself to an invigorating shower, too. So, if an exhilarating shower in the en suite is what you need to wake you up in the morning, a shower tower will be for you.
Features to shop for
Considering a shower tower? Here’s what you should put on your wish list:
1 A large showerhead with a full rainfall effect
2 A separate hand shower
3 Massage jets
4 Sleek mixer handles
5 Full thermostatic control to ensure reliable flow at the right temperature
6 Controls at a convenient height to make switching between easy
Bathroom inspiration - Bathroomsdotcom Pinterest   Bathroom inspiration - Bathroomsdotcom Pinterest
Before you buy
Here’s what you need to know before you splash out:
Shower towers need fairly high water pressure to perform well, so check yours first. If your water pressure is low, you may be able to add a pump to boost it, but bear in mind that some makes can be noisy, so shop for a quieter model.
Shower towers are best for shower enclosures or wet rooms – over bath showers will need a solid bath screen to cope with the water from the massage jets.
Shower towers are simple to connect because the plumbing sits on the outside of the wall (a wall fixing kit is provided to make installation easier still).
Shower knowhow
Power showers take water from your hot and cold supply and have a built-in pump to boost the water flow, ideal if you have low water pressure.
Mixer showers also take water from your hot and cold supply, and mix it to the correct temperature. A pump may also be needed to boost the flow rate if your system has low pressure.
Electric showers are independent of your hot water system, instead taking water from your mains cold supply, and warming it in the unit. These do not have pumps so the flow depends on your water pressure. These showers are economical to run because you only heat the water you need.
For inspirational design and decorating ideas for your shower room, see our Pinterest board.

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