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Wall hung basins

Time for a new bathroom basin? A wall-hung version will look contemporary and keep your room feeling spacious.

Why pick a wall-hung basin?
There’s a huge choice on offer when you come to choose a new bathroom basin, including pedestal, counter top, inset, corner and cloakroom basins. Wall-hung basins look sleek and modern, and will suit your bathroom whether it’s a compact en suite or has fabulous proportions. As they keep the floor area clear, wall-hung basins will help make your bathroom feel bigger as well as calm and uncluttered – great for a spa-style atmosphere.
What shape and style of basin to buy?
The basin doesn’t need to be from the same range as your bath, but do think about putting together similar shapes – whether that’s angular or curvaceous – to create a well thought-out scheme. Wall-hung basins come in a wide choice of styles, helping you create exactly the look you want in your room. You can pick a more minimal design that’s just the depth of the bowl; opt for a style with a base that curves some way down the wall; or choose semi pedestal, which consists of the basin and a short pedestal that doesn’t reach the floor.
In a small bathroom, a wall-hung basin of minimal depth is a good option as it will look less visually obtrusive, keeping the room feeling airy. For larger rooms, you can pick a shallow depth design, or a more imposing basin with deeper dimensions, or semi pedestal – both of the latter will make a statement.
For cloakrooms or bathrooms an estate agent would call bijou, take a look at corner wall-hung basins or cloakroom basins, which may fit where other wall-hung designs just can’t go.
Think about the lines of your basin, too. Angular choices are generally better where space isn’t an issue, while basins with a curvaceous finish are simpler to move past in a compact space and easier on the eye.
It’s also vital to consider how much space you need around the bowl of the basin. Some designs will happily take toothbrushes, soap dishes and more, while a soap dispenser is enough on the side of others.
Fitting a wall-hung basin
Your bathroom needs sound walls to support a wall-hung basin, so check the weight of your chosen design and take professional advice if you’re not sure of the quality or type of your walls.
Find wall fixing kits for your basin.
Where to position your wall-hung basin?
Wall-hung basins are a flexible option as the height isn’t determined by the pedestal, so they can be a revelation if one of the regular users of the bathroom finds the level of a conventional pedestal basin doesn’t suit.
Buying taps for your basin
Check how many tap holes your wall-hung basin has so you can take a look at the choice of taps that will work with it. Monobloc mixers are a great partner, and come in a range of sizes and shapes to complement the scale and style of your basin.
Buying other fittings
Choose a basin waste for your wall-hung basin, as this comes separately. These are much neater and more sophisticated than yesterday’s plugs and chains. A bottle trap is an essential for any basin, but if it’s on show because of the design of wall-hung basin you’ve chosen, you’ll want to choose a stylish design that creates an additional feature in your contemporary scheme.

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