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Create storage in a family bathroom

There’s lots of clutter to cope with in a family bathroom. Here’s how to find a place for all of it, so your scheme still looks fabulous
1 Hang up bath toys
Bath toys – like others – breed and spread around your room. Keep them in order by hanging them on the walls. It’s a great strategy because, first, you’ll turn dead space into storage; secondly, these clever little LOSJÖN hooks from Ikea don’t need drilling, so you can add them in a flash; and thirdly, when the time for toys is gone, your walls can regain a slightly less primary colour effect.
Storage Hooks -

2 Try a sorting laundry basket
As we all know, a new load of washing is created at approximately the speed Usain Bolt runs 100m in a family home. Acknowledge it with a laundry basket you will be able to close the lid on. And why not let the family do some of the sorting with a light and a dark section? Stop laughing… it’s worth a try. Dolphin laundry wicker basket, Garden Trading.
3 Make storage portable
As well as plenty of fixed storage, it’s a good idea to have some you can move around the room easily, too. This red striped bag from House of Fraser has handles so you can pursue the scattered stuff, collect it up, then slide the bag neatly away… until the next time.
Washing basket - Bathroom Inspiration Washing basket - Bathroom Inspiration
4 Hang robe hooks high…
… but also low because if you put robe hooks at a level the smaller family members can reach, you might stand a chance. So, say no to one lonely adults-only hook behind the door, and yes to one each at heights to suit. Our Bassi robe hook will complement your other polished chrome finishes a treat.
5 Go for a clever bathroom cabinet
Yes, we’re saying it again, but only because it’s true. If you choose a piece that you need in your room anyway, but go for a design that incorporates storage, you’re on to a winner. This Dewez cabinet is even cleverer – it has lighting, too, so it laughs in the face of doubling up as it, er, trebles up.
6 Pick a tall towel radiator
Don’t let anyone miss out on the treat of a toasty warm towel once they’ve finished in the bath or shower. But where to store a bath towel for everyone? The answer is a ladder radiator with a supermodel’s dimensions. Go for a towering 1800mm tall rad, such as this Hawksmoor Curved, and keep the whole family happy – and your room warm as well.
Towel hook - Illuminated mirror - Ladder radiator -
7 Combine basin and storage
Every inch counts when there is a crowd – or at least a small group – of you keeping stuff in the same room. Bathroom furniture that teams a basin with storage below – this is the Nash zebra wall hung basin unit – means two essentials in one area, so you’ve got floor space for the rest of your suite, other necessities, and actually moving round the room. 
Bathroom furniture -
8 Find a home for essentials
You have the smart toilet roll holder, of course, but where to put those rolls so they are (a) handy replacements, (b) not taking up all the storage space you’ve carefully built into your scheme, or (c) sitting around in their plastic supermarket packaging? A dedicated container that complements the modern finishes in your scheme, such as this Swirly Store from Lakeland, is the chic answer.
9 Add a medicine cabinet
Medicines need to be kept safe, so a lockable medicine cabinet is an essential when it’s not just grown-ups using the room. As in all things bathrooms, think stylish as well as functional – this Gedy medicine cabinet is from ZiggiZiggi.
Toilet roll holder - Medical cabinet - Bathroom Inspiration
10 Try wall storage
There comes a time when you have enough floorstanding pieces in a bathroom, so take a careful look at your walls. We reckon you’ve probably got a spare area where a little extra shelving won’t go amiss. Wire shelving has a great industrial vibe, and a svelte little number – like this wire three tier caddy from Ben de Lisi at Debenhams – will find a home on even the narrowest of walls.
Family bathrooms - Bathroom Inspiration
For more inspiration, check out the family bathrooms on our Pinterest board.

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