Creating a loft bathroom

Make more of your loft space with a fabulous extra bathroom. Discover all you need to know…
Adding a bathroom to go with an extra bedroom in your loft is a whole lot more convenient than trudging up and down the stairs to the shower – and will help make your house more saleable when the time comes. The position and shape of the loft presents its own challenges, though, so make sure what you need will work.
Plumbing in a loft bathroom
Take advice from a Gas-Safe registered plumber about both the plumbing and heating for your loft bathroom. Your plumber will need to assess your existing system including both any header tank and your boiler to see how the new room’s requirements can be met.
If you have a combi boiler that’s just not up to the job of providing hot water for an extra bathroom, choosing an electric shower for your loft bathroom is a great low-cost way to solve the problem as it’ll create a hot shower as needed.
If connecting to the soil pipe proves a problem, a pump and macerator can make your new bathroom possible. Find out more from Saniflo.
Choosing the bath and shower
If your loft bathroom has the floor area and the headroom, go for a bath and a shower cubicle.
A freestanding bath will help create the spa atmosphere you might well be after in your new suite of rooms, while a separate shower cubicle and shower tray gives your new room flexibility – as well as preventing who’s-going-first quarrels.
If a shower cubicle just won’t work because of the slope of the roof or lack of floor space, combine a back to wall bath or straight bath with a bath shower mixer that has a shower handset so hair-washing and cleaning out the bath are easy. Bear in mind that it is possible to fit a bath so that the roof slopes over one end, so although baths take up more floor area, they can be easier to fit into a loft.
Make sure that the type of bath you choose [link to freestanding baths feature] isn’t too heavy for the floor of your loft, as materials such as acrylic are lightweight, while steel is heavy.
Pick the right basin and toilet
A wall-hung basin and wall-hung toilet are options worth considering for a small loft bathroom to maximise the space. Use colour and clever decorating, too, to ensure that the bathroom feels bigger than it really is.
Find out more about wall-hung basins.
Counter-top basins can also be a space-efficient choice for a loft, while if your room’s big, consider pedestal basins but pick designs with a slim pedestal rather than statement floorstanding designs to avoid making the room feel cluttered.
Think about ventilation
You don’t have to have a window in your loft bathroom, but it’s worthwhile fitting one if you can – and a dormer window can even help create sufficient head height over a basin, for example. You’ll need to comply with both the building regulations and get planning permission if it’s needed when you’re fitting new windows, so consult your local authority. An extractor fan to ventilate your new bathroom is required under the building regulations; so don’t forget to factor this into your plans.
Decide on bathroom lighting
Good lighting is essential for your loft bathroom. If its windows are non-existent or not as big as you’d like, it’s important to create good ambient light to replace the missing daylight, plus task lighting – for example by the mirror. Don’t forget that the lighting can make a statement in itself if your room’s a boring box, or highlight its best points if it’s a feature-filled beauty.

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