Dramatic Colour Schemes

Let your bathroom make a statement with a colour combination that grabs attention…
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Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to being creative with colour. Somehow the beautiful combinations of the rest of a home stop at the bathroom door while beyond it, white and neutrals dominate. Now, these understated schemes can look fantastic, so if that’s the look you love, don’t be diverted. However, if you’re hankering after a dramatic look, but just aren’t sure how to approach a bathroom, then be inspired. 

What makes a dramatic bathroom colour scheme?
There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom scheme dramatic. Just picking one bold colour such as vibrant red, orange or pink to add as an accent will create the look you’re after. Like to combine colours? Pick the right pair and they’ll make a stunning statement. And even if confident colours and combinations really aren’t you, drama isn’t hard to achieve.
Use a bold accent colour
One of the simplest ways to create drama in your bathroom is to stick with the white theme your bathroom suite has begun, then pick a bold shade to bring in as an accent. Although you can add in your chosen colour in fittings, such as tiles, you’ll achieve the same effect with easily changed elements – think towels, accessories and so on – so if you tire of your current vivid shade, the room can be transformed in a trice. These towels are from HomeSense.
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A backdrop of white always looks fresh and clean, but if something moodier is more you, try using a dark backdrop and adding colour that pops. Discover more in our black and colour bathroom design ideas feature.
If large areas of white feel too clinical for your taste – or you need something more practical in a family bathroom – a contemporary neutral such as grey makes the perfect background for an accent shade. Try adding yellow for an on-trend combination. These accessories are from Bhs.
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Create drama with opposite colours
If you love nothing more than planning out colour schemes, then working with a couple of colours to give your bathroom drama will keep you happy. The trick is to pick a pair that sit opposite each other on a colour wheel. Not familiar with this interior designer’s essential? No matter. Think classic opposites such as blue and orange, or red and green – complementary colours if we’re getting technical.
The way you could use this idea to create a look that’s stunning rather than scary is, for example, to use blue tiles on a wall then add in accessories, storage or seating in orange. This Primrose metal garden chair from Oliver Bonas would look as good in a bathroom as on a patio.
Bear in mind that you should use colours of a similar weight if they cover equal areas of your room otherwise they won’t make a happy couple. But if you use a pale tint of one over large areas with a lesser hit of its opposite in its punchiest version, you can pull your scheme off with aplomb.
Pick a cooler contrasting shade 
Hot colours aren’t to everyone’s taste, but they aren’t compulsory for drama, either. Pick a strong but more restrained shade against pure white, and it will create high contrast without the heat. This Samaki wallpaper and blind from Scion teamed with the white woodwork and bath might have you thinking of white buildings against the endless blue skies of Greece.

Bathroom inspiration -    Bathroom inspiration -

Choose a monochrome scheme
Drama doesn’t have to be about colour at all. Go black and white for high contrast, and give your room a traditional or a contemporary edge with your choice of bath, basin and toilet. It’s a great investment, too, as it’s such a classic look.
To make it work, keep the proportion of white high in a small room or a windowless en suite, so it doesn’t feel closed in.
Make it surprising
Introducing an element you wouldn’t expect can also make your bathroom dramatic. Pick out a skirting board in a shade other than white to create a surprise. Likewise, using rich finishes or ornate decoration will make you stop and look. These buys are from isme.
Be inspired by the bathrooms schemes that stand out on our Pinterest board.

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