Get a futuristic bathroom on a budget

With “Back to the Future Day” fast approaching on 21st October 2015, has put together the latest high street tech, ceramics and gadgets to bring your bathroom into the sci-fi age.

Whether you are celebrating by having friends round for a Back to the Future movie marathon, or indulging in the trilogy on your own, here is how you bring the future to your bathroom without spending a fortune.

High tech, smart bathrooms are undoubtedly going to become an essential part to any modern home, but until these technologies become more readily available (and less pricey), you can still emulate an ultra contemporary sci-fi futuristic look, even in the smallest of bathrooms. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

LED Illumined Bathroom Mirror

led illumined bathroom mirror

A simple way to create futuristic lighting in your bathroom is as simple as purchasing neon mirrors, which create a bright and seamless finish.

LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror – £149.99

LED Lighting Tape

led lighting tape 1

Why not go the extra mile and add lighting to your bath panels or even a freestanding bath for that added sci-fi edge? Simple Lighting offer flexible strip lighting for bathrooms for a subtle futuristic glow. You can purchase white light LED tape for as little as £14.95 per metre, which makes this a savvy saving!

LED Tape – Cool White LED – £14.95 per metre

LED Color Shower Head

led colour shower head

There are lots of reasonably priced impressive bathroom gadgets on the market now giving you the look without the need to seriously splash the cash!

Turn every shower into a dazzling light show to suit your mood, with an LED colour therapy showerhead. Water runs green to indicate when water is cold and red when water gets hot, as well as a multicolour rainbow function.

Icemoon LED Color Shower Head – £12.99

Waterproof Wireless Shower Speaker
waterproof wireless shower speaker

The connected, smart home wouldn’t be complete without wireless speakers so you can enjoy your music in the bathroom. Waterproof wireless shower speakers are compatible with mobile phones, laptops, PCs and all other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Sunvito Mini Ultra Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speakers – £5.99

Colour Changing Tap Lights

colour changing tap lights

We see the bathrooms of the future as not only personalised, but also smarter, and these tap lights are just that. Beam fluorescent light into your bathroom every time you turn of the tap with colour changing tap lights from Lazy Bone. The light starts off blue but will automatically change to red if the water temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius.

Colour Changing Tap Light – £14.99

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