Halloween Bathrooms Inspiration

Here in the UK we don’t embrace halloween with as much vigour as they do “over the pond” in the USA. If you’ve ever spent a season in America, you’ll know that every home in the street will be decorated from the front-lawn to the bathroom on the evening of October 31st. It’s a trend that brings families together and introduces neighbours to one another and let’s be honest, a rather fun one. Here at we believe every home deserves a party and we’ve crawled the witches web to find our top selection of bathroom accessories for a spooky halloween gathering.


Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Curtain

“Great for all you movie fanatics and slasher horror film freaks who love nothing more than a quiet night in with 10 litres of red corn syrup. Hitchcock fans can act the part in the movies from the warmth and comfort of your steaming shower.”


Un portrait pour l’Halloween Towels

“A collection of vintage images, collaged together and manipulated to form a romantic Wickedly lovely Gothic portrait perfect for Halloween. © WickedlyLovely”


Halloween soaps by WitchWayBeauty

“This soap has been handmade in small batches in Canterbury, Kent , UK”


Halloween trinket pot by Celyns

“A hand painted Halloween themed pot. The pot has four semi silhouette images, a glowing cauldron, a black cat by a moonlight stone circle, a witch casting her magical spell and pumpkins grinning at sunset.”


Witches brew candle

“The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating spell!”

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