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House sharer’s guide to bathroom etiquette

Sharing a bathroom with flatmates whose habits leave a little to be desired? Pin this up on the door to turn your washroom from dirty to divine

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1 Lock the door
You might not want to be interrupted mid-flow, but it’s just as unlikely that your flatmate will relish catching you on the loo, so always use the lock, even if you’re only popping in for a quick one.


2 Clean up after yourself
You might not mind stepping into a shower with someone else’s hair floating about, but you’re alone in that. So, give the shower/bath/sink/loo a quick clean when you’re ready to vacate the room.


3 Wash then dry
A wet floor isn’t just horrible to walk on – it’s a safety hazard, too, so make sure you dry it if you’ve drenched it.


4 Air the room
Whether you’re recovering from a heavy night out or have spent so long in the shower the room’s more steam room than bathroom, either use some air freshener, open the window or put the extractor fan on. It’ll be nicer for your flat mates to be in after you – and it’ll keep the bathroom in better nick in the long run.


5 Replace the loo roll
Loo roll on the low side? Don’t think that leaving your friends with a couple of sheets gets you out of going to the shops for a new pack – if you’ve used it up, top it up.


6 Spare the hot water
It goes without saying that you shouldn’t run yourself a deep bath if the hot water tank takes ages to refill and reheat – so stick to showers if you know your flat mates will want hot water, too.


7 Pick your time
All desperate to be out the front door at the same time but only one bathroom between you? You’re going to have to agree a schedule so that no one holds anyone else up – and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t hog the bathroom if your flat mates are queuing up in the hall.


8 Air your towels in your room
If there’s little space for drying towels in the bathroom, don’t dump yours on top of your flat mate’s dry ones, even if they’re hogging the room’s minuscule radiator – take yours to your room to dry it out, instead.


9 Get your own supplies
Like shaving your face with a razor someone else has been using on their legs? Or trying to dry off with a wet bath towel? Thought not – so don’t use your flat mate’s stuff, and they (probably) won’t use yours. Get a bathroom cabinet with shelves in it so you can divide your kit up clearly.


10 Buy a common cleaning kit
You might not be that bothered about keeping the room sparkling clean, but if you all pay regularly into a cleaning kitty, you’re more likely to have the right products to hand when you need them – even if just to clean up after yourself as you leave the room. 

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