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How to create a modern country theme in your bathroom

Country style interiors look great wherever you live. Discover how to create a relaxing, rustic vibe in the bathroom.

Your home might be nearer to a city farm than a working farmyard, and the view from your window more rows of houses than rolling acres, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create country-style rooms. It’s a look that works beautifully in the bathroom, and we’ve got all the expert advice you need.

Bring in natural texture

Ditch the modern finishes if you’re after a country look. High-gloss furniture, plastic storage containers and bathroom chairs in manmade materials are all no-nos. Instead, choose chairs, stools and storage furniture in wood, and wicker for smaller storage pieces.

We like this Bekvam stool, Ikea

Ikea wooden stool and towels 

Find the fittings

A traditional freestanding bath makes a great centrepiece in a modern country scheme, but you don’t have to go down the historical route for your entire suite. You could team an Edwardian bath with a more modern countertop basin. Mixing and matching bathroom essentials will help create the casual and relaxing atmosphere you’re after.

Choose a colour scheme

Think naturally inspired tones when it comes to colour for your modern country bathroom. Leaf greens, sea blues, sunny yellows or earth-toned browns will all work beautifully for walls. Try fitting and painting tongue and groove panelling – it’ll protect the walls from splashes and will create a country cottage feel for your room.

Want a look that tends more to the manor house side of the village green? Tiles have country style, too. Opt for square formats rather than brick-shaped designs, and try some traditional pattern to add interest to your scheme.]

For floors, rustic wooden boards are a natural choice. Finish them with white floor paint to protect them, and keep your space light filled. If you prefer a more hardwearing solution, limestone or travertine floor tiles both have an authentic feel, and the softest of natural colours.

Dress up your room

You might be woefully short of roses round the door, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them in the bathroom. Choose essentials with a pretty motif – these are Rose bathroom accessories from House of Fraser.
Floral print bathroom set

You could pretty up the window with a blind in a floral pattern or country-style motif, too. Just make sure it’s a bathroom-friendly fabric if it’s going to get splashed.

Don’t leave your walls undressed, either. If you don’t have a pastoral view from the windows, you can create one with the artwork you choose. Like a more upmarket feel? Prints featuring horses and dogs will give your room a touch of the stately pile in the sticks.

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