How to create a spa experience in your bathroom

Make sure your bathroom’s all about luxury and relaxation


No time to book yourself into a luxury spa for some R&R? We know the feeling. But don’t worry, it’s easy to create your own spa experience at home. Here’s how.

Choose a rainwater shower head

If it takes some complex manoeuvres to get all of you wet when you stand in the shower, then it’s time to swap your showerhead for something with spa style. You need a design that’s generously sized so you feel as if you’ve been transported to somewhere tropical in warm rain – but without the long flight and the lost luggage. Try our Leoni design


Swap the taps

OK, a waterfall’s not that easy to introduce at home, but a waterfall tap is no problem. With an open spout that gives you a view of the water flow, it has the perfect look for a spa-style room. Try our Provost basin mixer waterfall tap to make a statement.


Say goodbye to bolds

We’d understand if you’d put together a bathroom colour scheme with punch to get you up and going in the morning, but your home spa needs a calming ambience rather than an energetic one. Ditch accent reds and pinks and instead think colours inspired by the natural world: sand, stone and earth tones are perfect for walls, floors, and accessories.

Dim the lights

Lighting levels that ensure your morning routine can be timed to the second without make-up errors and shaving accidents aren’t what you need when you’re ready for some downtime. A circuit that ensures lights are dimmable will transform your room into a calming space, and wall lights as well as ceiling lights will give you more flexibility. Don’t forget to set out the tea lights, too. Nestle them on a candle plate for authentic spa style.

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Pile up fluffy towels

There’s nothing more likely to compromise your after-bath calm than having to rummage around in the airing cupboard for a suitably sized towel. For five-star luxury, you need to be able to pluck a fat, fluffy number from the neatly folded pile. Once dry, it is of course compulsory to put on a cocooning bath robe.

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Try a new tune

Incessant time checks, repetitive playlists and unhappy headlines are going to do nothing for your mood, so sort your bathtime listening out. Now’s the time to check out Tibetan flutes, babbling brooks and the gentler classics to help you unwind.


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