How to create a vintage look in your bathroom

Vintage is a trend we’ve all fallen for – and it’s not just for living spaces or bedrooms. Find out how to introduce it to your bathroom.

 Is your bathroom scoring A star for practicality and sleekness, but veering dangerously close to unclassified when it comes to decorative detail? Don’t fret – a transformation is simple. Why not give it a vintage twist, which is a look that can work as well in a bathroom as it does in a living room, bedroom or kitchen? Find out how to make sure your room is functional and beautiful with our top tips.

Choose a classic linen cupboard

A traditional favourite, a freestanding bath linen cupboard will give your room a vintage twist. It’s the perfect place to stack towels, so you won’t have to traipse elsewhere when someone else has left the last towel hanging a little soggy. Go for a tall armoire-style design, or pick a half-height cupboard and you can use the top for display.


Go for soft colours

For authentic vintage style, you’ll need to turn away from brights and opt for gentle shades for walls and bathroom furniture. Off-white and cream paint colours are perfect, or you could go for tints of pink – ideal if your bathroom needs a boost of warmth.

For wet areas, you’ll need tiles rather than paint to protect your walls. The creamy tones of limestone and travertine will suit your room to a tee. Check out our tile ranges.


Pick the right window treatment

We’re thinking romantic here rather than utilitarian. If you have a pastoral idyll for a view and neighbours without binoculars, you could leave your window undressed. For most of us, shutting the outside, er, out is essential, so think shutters, which will look pretty and suit the rest of your scheme, or a pale blind that’ll diffuse the light.


Step away from the streamlined

Vintage-style accessories can be added to a modern bathroom suite for a great combination of old and new, but if you want to go the whole hog, think roll-top bath and pedestal basin as part of your suite. This is the Victorian freestanding bath and Austin pedestal basin,

3_Bathrooms_opt (1)


Dress up the walls

Create a display for your bathroom wall by hanging a group of vintage-style mirrors. Junk shops and boot sales are your hunting ground for an authentic old-fashioned feel. Mix different shapes to create an attractive grouping.


Build up the detail

It’s not just the bigger pieces in your room that will give it vintage style. Look for easy additions to get a created-over-time feel even if the reality is more ordered-in-an-hour-online. These cute numbered hooks are from Very Nice Things.

4_Numbered Classic Hooks_opt

 Paint floorboards

Old boards that have seen better days in your bathroom? Give them a vintage makeover with pale floor paint. It’ll gain them some protection from your lapses in bathroom etiquette (you know you shouldn’t splash them with your bath water), and give them a traditional look.


Show off accessories

Make sure you have space for display to get a vintage look in your bathroom. This is definitely a more-is-more style. Rather than setting out posh toiletry packaging, decant products into antique-style glass bottles, and bring in luxurious and good-looking decorative pieces, too. These zinc candlesticks are from St Aidan’s Homeware Store.


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