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How to create an all white bathroom

Choose a sparkly all-white colour scheme to transform your bathroom from small and dingy to bright and beautiful..

How to make your bathroom look bigger
It’s not rocket science: white is the best colour for reflecting light, so for a small room with a tiny window, choosing it is a no-brainer. Simply painting and tiling your room all white might just make it feel like a soulless cell. In other words, there are tricks you could (should) use to make it ooze personality, too. Before you even begin to think accessories, paints and flooring, shop for your suite. We already know it will need to be compact, but keep shape and form right up the top of your wishlist, too.
Work your layout
If you want the room to look streamlined, back to wall baths or straight baths will fill the space efficiently, but be sure to get a two-in-one by squeezing in a shower. Shower baths are super practical and come in straight, space-saving designs, as well as P and L-shaped to give you a little more elbow room once you’re in there.
If the room is really tight, a wall-hung basin is a good choice because it takes up no floor space. In a narrow bathroom, choose a basin that doesn’t project too deeply into the room, but ensure it has some shelf space built into it for soap and toothbrushes. Corner basins are a consideration if your bathroom’s layout offers no other options – but family bathrooms really need a design that more than one of you can hover over at once.
A fine example of less is more, this Calthorpe basin has the curves of a 1950s Hollywood movie star. If you’re going for a wall hung basin, ensure you match it with good looking chrome bottle trap – plastic is a sin against good design. 
Choose a slim, close coupled toilet for a neat, contemporary look. This Calthorpe toilet keeps its curves subtle, and the super slim cistern means it takes up very little wall space visually. Wall-hung toilets help create the feeling of space in a small room, too. Remember, leave yourself enough elbow room either side of the toilet so you don’t feel crowded when you sit down and stand up (sorry to bring that up).
Start work on the colour scheme 
With the suite (white, of course) chosen, you can begin to think about the fun stuff – from tiles and flooring to accessories.
If you’re going for a monotone scheme, you can use the wall tiles to add interest. Instead of choosing patterned tiles – which can date quickly anyway – find ones with an interesting shape, a pearly, light-reflecting glint or an unusual texture. White floor tiles will help make the space feel bigger, too, but bear in mind that they will show up every bit of fluff, hair and speck of dirt, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance alternative that’s just as contemporary, think black or dark grey. This Stratum white wall tile from Topps Tiles can be used both horizontally or vertically to create a range of stunning effects.
Undress your windows
We admit it: bathroom windows are tricky to furnish. Fabrics need to be water-resistant; whatever you choose needs to let light in but keep the room private; unfurnished windows can make the room seem cold; and anything you choose with a colour or pattern on it will define your bathroom’s look for years to come. That’s why we love shutters – they tick all the boxes whether you’re creating a contemporary or period feel and they never date. And we mean ever. These elm wood shutters are from The California Company
Get triple benefits from an illuminated cabinet
The most ingenious invention since sliced bread (we kid you not), the illuminated cabinet does three jobs in one slimline, good looking, compact wall space. First, it provides vital storage – a must-have in a room you want to look streamlined and spacious. And while the benefits of its mirror are obvious, you might not know that its built-in LED lighting not only helps light up your (fabulous) reflection, but will create a relaxing, cosy feel at night. Clever.
In a contemporary room, choose a chunky design with lots of hidden space – this Maderno illuminated cabinet from has a modern steel mantle and three internal shelves.
Add colour with accessories 
Just because we said ‘all white’, we didn’t mean you couldn’t have any colour at all. Swap colour and texture in and out with bottles, towels and bath mats for an easy, weekly rework of your scheme.
Towels alone can set the tone of a scheme in an all white bathroom. While we all dream of those fluffy white towels we enjoy in posh hotels, in reality the ones at home stay neither white nor fluffy. So, invest in some high street buys in a range of bold colours and the odd multi-stripe to tie the whole colour combo together. Towels, BHS.
Storage should be two things: good looking and practical. Those two reasons alone are enough to tempt us into buying this handsome and handy storage caddy from Next ( The wood brings texture and interest to an all-white scheme; the open mini shelves keep bottles neat and to hand. Tidy, in every sense.
Be inspired by the design ideas for small bathrooms and good-looking bathroom storage on our Pinterest boards.

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