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How to create relaxing bathroom lighting

Want a sanctuary-style space to enjoy at the end of the day? Getting the lighting right is essential. Here’s how:


Vittone console basin and bath,

If you’re ready to unwind by treating yourself to a long soak in the bath, bright lighting is out. What works for your morning shower/make-up/shaving routine isn’t going to relax you after a long day at the office or keeping up with the kids.

Multiply the lights

To create the ambience you’re after, a single bathroom light with the option of on or off isn’t going to cut it. Wall lights aren’t just for living spaces and bedrooms – they’ll enhance the look of your bathroom, and are perfect for creating the right level of ambient light for evening bathing. When you’re picking out wall lights, go for styles that suit your bath, basin and toilet. Our Anderson wall lights have detail that’ll complement country style or traditional bathroom suites. With a curvaceous contemporary suite, pick a wall light like the Bassi.

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Think about any ceiling lights, too. If your existing light is high on practicality but loses out in the style stakes, swap it for something with panache. You don’t want to lie in the bath contemplating an ugly fitting. ‘To create a bathroom which can be bright in the morning and relaxing and restful later in the day, you need a good balance of task and ambient light which can be easily controlled,’ says Charles Edwards, designer and manufacturer of chandeliers, lanterns and light fittings at Charles Edwards. ‘Combine recessed lights with decorative fixtures and put both on separate circuits fitted with dimmers.’

Be safe

Always shop for lighting that’s suitable for your room. ‘Only choose bathroom lights from a range which offers the appropriate IP (ingress protection) rating,’ says Charles Edwards. ‘IP44 rated fittings are suitable for most areas in a bathroom – near a bath or basin, for example, classified as “Zone 2”. If in any doubt, check with an electrician.’

Enjoy candlelight

Bathing by candlelight is the ultimate indulgence. Choose a great-looking holder for them to add decorative detail to your bathroom scheme. A hurricane lantern is a simple, classic option – we like this etched glass design from Drift Living 


For something more extravagantly glamorous, go for a candelabra that’ll dress up your room. Want to line up twinkling lights instead? Choose tea light holders with a mercuried or frosted glass finish or choose coloured glass in a soothing shade. Setting light to your towels is pretty much the opposite experience to a relaxed bathtime, so if you’re using candles, be clever:

• Sit them on a heat resistant surface, but not under a shelf and not near fabrics.

• Don’t leave the bathroom door ajar so children or pets can wander into your candle-lit paradise (which wouldn’t be very calming in any case).

• Make sure all your candles are fully extinguished before you leave the room. A snuffer or spoon is much better for putting them out than blowing.

Lecture over. You can relax now.

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